Rosetta is taking incredible 3D images of the 67P comet

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Last week, the European Space Agency’s (ESA) comet-chasing spacecraft known as Rosetta arrived at 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko after having travelled across the inner solar system for over a decade, making it the first spacecraft to have intercepted a comet. “We have been approaching 67P for such a long time, it is almost surreal to now actually be there,” says Holger Sierks of … Read More

This will be the first satellite to private high-resolution images to the public

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Back in June, the United States government relaxed its previously strict regulations on high-definition satellite imaging, which enabled mapping services such as Google Maps to greatly improve the quality of their images. DigitalGlobe was the leader in the charge to change the United States ruling due in large part to its upcoming Worldview-3 satellite, which will be the first satellite … Read More

Stunning Sunken Boat in Antarctica

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H/T: Reddit Coming across a ghost ship would be pretty creepy, but definitely a stunning sight to see. This photograph provides a lot of questions, but leaves mystery and no answers to why this boat is underwater.

6 Deserted Cars That Look Like Unique Pieces of Art

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Cars serve many purposes; they get us to our desired destinations, enable us to create memories, take long trips, and are used as a method of convenience to preform many daily tasks needed to be done outside the home. However, once a car is no longer working or has served its purpose they tend to be sold, replaced, or abandoned. … Read More

Awesome Photos of the Seattle Space Needle

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Seattle Space Needle

When most people think of Seattle, three things come to mind, rainy weather, the movie, “Sleepless in Seattle”, and the Seattle Space Needle. Being that the Space Needle is the major landmark, it is no wonder why it is a beautiful tower to photograph. Have you ever been to the Seattle Space Needle?