May 20, 2024
10 Amazing Products Made With Bamboo Instead

10 Amazing Products Made With Bamboo Instead

One of the most underrated materials that can be found in nearly any product is bamboo. Bamboo products including hair brushes, linens, and home furniture have grown in popularity over the past couple of years, and for good reason.

Bamboo is one of the most affordable natural materials out there. Paired with its undeniable versatility and surprising practicality and you’ve got a material that almost seems too good to be true.


Brighten up your home, your daily life, and do good for the environment by shopping for these great bamboo products. Read on to see which products you’ve been missing out on!


1. Bamboo Towels


You haven’t experienced comfort and luxury until you’ve gotten the chance to use bamboo towels. Bamboo hand and bath towels are incredibly soft and are one of the most comfortable types of materials you can opt for. Unlike other fibers, bamboo towels are more resistant to pilling allowing them to last you longer than your traditional towel. Not to mention, these types of towels can be especially beneficial to individuals who have sensitive skin or are allergic to synthetic fibers. Bamboo fibers are non abrasive and antibacterial, making them a great option for young children and adults alike.


2. Bamboo Pajamas


Cozy up to a great night’s rest with bamboo pajamas. The breathable fabric of bamboo pajamas allows you to keep a consistent body temperature throughout the night whether you sleep hot or cold. Plus, this material can be especially beneficial for children who have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies. With so many great patterns and styles to choose from, it’s about time you get your hands on a pair of jammies you’ll want to stay in all day long!


3. Bamboo Flooring


Whether you’re going for contemporary modern or a farmhouse aesthetic, bamboo flooring lends well to a variety of home decor styles. Giving your homes a flooring makeover with bamboo planks allows you to enjoy supreme durability for years to come. You don’t have to worry about chips, cracks, or dents as with other flooring options. Plus, you’ll still get that same great look that you’re going after.

4. Bamboo Bed Sheets


Bamboo bed sheets are a great alternative for sleepers who want something eco-friendly, comfortable, and undeniably luxurious. The best part? With all the many different brands you can choose from, you don’t have to pay a luxury price tag for this luxury product. Like other natural linens, bamboo is incredibly breathable and moisture wicking. This breathability allows you to keep your body temperature regulated even during cold nights and warmer ones. If you are not yet ready to make the leap into bamboo bedding, start by swapping out your bedsheets or pillowcases for bamboo blends of bamboo duvets. This allows you to sample this unique bedding material before you make a complete switch over to bamboo.


5. Bamboo Dishes


Bamboo dish sets are a great option for families for a variety of reasons. For starters, dishes made out of bamboo are incredibly durable, making them great options for young children who are prone to spills. Quality crafted bamboo bowls won’t leach unwanted materials into your food and they won’t soak up any color or odor of the food you place in them. Bamboo bowls are especially ideal for snacks, while larger dishes can easily handle all your hearty meals. Plus, the overall look of these types of dishes offer a really pleasing aesthetic to any kitchen and dining space.


6. Bamboo Rugs


If you’ve got a high traffic area in your home that you want to furnish, consider opting for a quality crafted bamboo rug. Unlike other rug materials, bamboo is incredibly durable and can withstand daily foot traffic. While these types of rugs do require just a bit more care, you’ll certainly want to keep up with maintenance as the rug will last you much longer than traditional ones made out of synthetic fabrics. Plus, don’t be surprised at just how affordable and stylish these unique rugs can be.


7. Bamboo Desk Organizers


Practicality has never looked so good when you use a bamboo desk organizer setup. A bamboo desk organizer can help you keep all your belongings including paper clips, pens, and sticky notes in a tidy and organized space without taking away from the aesthetic of your desk. You’ll also find plenty of matching bamboo desk organizers and accessories that can help keep your desk looking tidy. Their natural durability and appealing aesthetic also do a great job of bringing a sense of calm and organization to your workspace.


8. Bamboo Hair Brush


Could the secret be too smooth and silky hair be a bamboo hair brush? Many beauticians will tell you it is. Because bamboo is neutral to a negative charge, it is less likely to cause static than other hair brush materials such as metal or plastic. Plus, a bamboo hair brush tends to be a lot more hygienic than other brushes on the market. Bamboo is naturally resistant to bacteria, fungi, or odors, making it easier than ever to keep your hair brush and your scalp clean.


9. Bamboo Blinds


Spruce up your home decor by swapping out your curtains and plastic blinds for bamboo blinds instead. Bamboo blinds provide a range of benefits including complete blockage of light, and undeniable durability. Plus, bamboo blinds offer a naturally appealing aesthetic that blends well into a variety of home decor styles. Shop traditional roll-up bamboo blinds, or browse paneled bamboo blinds instead.


10. Bamboo Side Table


Furniture up your living room or bedroom by opting for bamboo side tables and matching furniture. Bamboo furniture offers a really simple yet clean look to any living space. You’ll have plenty of styles to choose from with each bringing its own unique look. As you shop, you’ll come across different bamboo furniture that plays homage to certain styles including contemporary, modern, and even vintage. If you are into the minimalist look, you will find plenty of simply designed styles as well.

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