June 12, 2024
10 Best Products for Working From Home

10 Best Products for Working From Home

Working from home has its advantages if you have the right stuff. Your home can be your office, your sanctuary, and your peace of mind.

What you need are the right products for your home office. When you reduce your daily commute to a few footsteps you can feel more at ease and peaceful. Here are some essential items to help you improve the home office experience.

An Adjustable Standing Desk is a Healthy Choice

There are well-documented health risks of sitting idle for too long, but you also shouldn’t stand all day either. The right way to stay healthier while working is to change your position frequently. This is a great suggestion for all office workers to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Purchase an adjustable desk that can be raised and lowered easily from sitting to standing positions and back again.

Computer Monitor with a Blue Light Filter for your Eyes

Most monitors sold today have a blue light filter that protects your eyes from harmful blue light. Usually, access to this filter is done through a hotkey, giving you access to a great way to protect your eyes. If you’re working from home, you’re likely spending a lot of time behind a monitor, staring at the screen. You need to protect your eyes and maintain your vision longer. Engaging the blue light filter on your monitor will ensure your eyes aren’t harmed as badly as they would be without this filter.

An Ergonomic Chair can Protect Your Posture

Even if you’re moving from standing to sitting frequently, you want to have a chair that feels right when you do sit back down. Find an office chair with excellent ergonomic ratings to support your poster while sitting down. Don’t be afraid to leave your home to test out a few chairs, and don’t be surprised by the prices. An excellent chair for your home office could easily cost upwards of $1,000, but it’s worth this price when you spend all day at your desk.

Headphones or Earbuds are a Must

One of the biggest challenges for those working from home is maintaining focus and having the peacefulness needed to get the job done every day. Your family might be loud in the next room, your dog could start barking, or you might hear the neighbor running their lawnmower. A good set of headphones or earbuds with some nice background music playing can put you in a position to maintain your focus and stay engaged in your work until you finish working for the day.

Selfie Light Ring for Meetings

If you spend a lot of time in Zoom meetings, you want to present the best look you can. Have you ever looked in the camera and the light from your computer camera casts a glare on your glasses? Are you tired of shadows across your face while the meeting is in progress? Buy a selfie light ring that clips onto your computer and put your best foot forward. You can find the right light ring for laptops, remote cameras, or desktops and look your best during your next Zoom meeting.

Turn Your Kitchen Table into a Desk with a Lap Desk

A good lap desk could change the entire dynamic of working from home. When you don’t have additional space in your home for a full office, but you need to work from your living space, a lap desk can be a lifesaver. These items have room for your laptop computer, a remote mouse, cell phone, and the cords you want to use to stay connected. Many have strong padding underneath for when you want to sit on the couch and get your work done with your lap desk right on your lap.

A Bluetooth Keyboard Provides Functionality

Do you need to switch between a computer, your iPad, and another device and don’t want to have three different keyboards to use? A Bluetooth keyboard helps you solve this problem easily. Some are compatible with every device you can think of and offer functionality for up to three devices at once. Imagine how easy it can be to have one keyboard connected to all of your devices simultaneously.

A Coffee Maker is a Must

You might not drink coffee, but if you do, you’ll want to have a coffee maker to enjoy the caffeine boost you need every day. If you’ve created a home office, you can have this device right near your desk. Working from home requires you to have some jolts of energy throughout the day. Stay caffeinated with the coffee maker you want to use every day.

It Could Be Time for a Bluetooth Mouse

If you use all of your available USB ports for items such as external hard drives and printers, you might not have room to plug in a mouse to one of the ports. Some computer mice require a USB slot to operate wirelessly, but a Bluetooth mouse can connect to your computer without the need for a USB port. This could be a space saver and a device you enjoy using every day.

Use Artwork to Improve Your Space

When you’ve got a place to work in your home, and you don’t want it to be a bland and boring place, put up some artwork that will inspire you. Working from home can be lonely, and photos of your family, a favorite vacation spot, or some motivational plaques can keep you going throughout the day. Find items that will look great and show your personality. Keep in mind some of the artwork you put up is visible during your zoom meetings; prepare accordingly.

What items do you want in your home office that you don’t have right now? Your home is now your workspace; make sure it allows you to be productive every day.

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