July 13, 2024

10 Tools You Should Have in Your Home

Are you a handy homeowner, or do you call for all the work that needs doing? Even if you’re not handy, there are some tools you should have in your home. These tools allow you to handle some of the smaller jobs without the need to turn to an expert. Whether you’re fixing a looks table leg, replacing a light fixture, or laying an entire home of flooring, you’ll be pleased to have a few tools that help you get the job done. Here are the essentials you need to have available to you.

You need Screwdrivers


Screwdrivers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and applications. You’ll need to at least have a flat head and a Phillips head screwdriver in your home. Of course, you could pick up a package of screwdrivers at your local hardware store and know that you’ve got a few different models to choose from for the small jobs you need to get done. Anytime you need to tighten or loosen a screw, these items will help you get the job done. Screwdrivers help you fix a lot of common household issues.

Make Sure You Have a Hammer

One of the most important tools you should have in your home is a hammer. A Typical claw hammier is great for a variety of jobs. You’ll use the claw part to pull out nails and the head to hammer nails back into place. You don’t need to call a handyman to hang pictures or artwork in your home; all you need is a hammer and some nails. Find a hammer with a fiberglass or metal handle to be a more durable tool that you’ll want to use regularly.

Wrenches can Help with Some Jobs


The word wrench is used to describe several tools that you need to have on hand. A package of Allen wrenches helps you with screws that have hexagonal heads. Open-end wrenches, adjustable wrenches, and socket wrenches all help you get different things done around our home. Start with a selection of Allen wrenches and an adjustable wrench that will give you what you want to get most small jobs done. Each wrench serves a specific purpose. Once you understand these purposes, you can buy a few more.

Pliers are Great for Small Tasks

There are three different pliers you need to have on hand. When you’re looking for some of the tools you should have in your home; pliers should be near the top of your list. A pair of needle-nose pliers help you get into small spaces and adjust things, slip-joint pliers are great for turning items too big for your wrench, and cutting pliers are ideal for cutting when you need to do some electrical work.

Add a Utility Knife to Your Toolbox


Even if you never cut a piece of carpet, a utility knife is an excellent tool for other cutting needs. This tool is great when you need a precise edge and want to cut something with the first swipe. You might only pull out this item when you open boxes, but that’s just fine. As you get more acquainted with your utility knife, you’ll learn different ways you can use this item to cut what you need. Put this tool in your toolbox today.

Why Don’t You Have a Tape Measure?

A tape measure allows you to measure what you need to make sure you can have an accurate measurement when you’re putting something together or hanging pictures on the wall. This is easily one of the most important tools you should have in your home. Whether you want to know if new furniture will fit in your home or you’re looking for the right measurement to hang something on the wall, you’ll need to have a tape measure handy.

You’ll Find More Uses for a Level than Expected


Most people think they only need a level when hanging pictures on a wall, but you’ll find other uses for this tool. Whether you want to ensure the vertical or horizontal surface is level, this item does the job. You’ll find a variety of materials and lengths to ensure you have the level you want to use in your home. You wouldn’t want items to fall off the shelf because it’s not level, and this tool can make sure you have the shelf upright.

A Stud Finder is Extremely Useful

There are wooden studs on the walls of your home, and this tool helps you locate these items. Some items you hang on the wall should only be secured into the stud. Consider the amount you spent on your large TV; do you want it falling down because you trusted the drywall to be strong enough for it. Use a stud finder and locate the wooden or metal studs in the wall where you can screw in and attach the item to this support structure.

A Cordless Drill Will Make Some Jobs Easier


When you need to make a hole in something, the right tool is a cordless drill. You can recharge the batteries, power the drill the way you want, and find settings that will make it easy to make holes when you want and screw items into the wall or other surface. When you need to put an anchor in the drywall, you’ve got to do it with a cordless drill and the right drill bit.

DuctTape; Yes, it’s a Tool

The old saying is that if it moves and it shouldn’t use duct tape. This tape is a great item to give you an easy way to keep things together, even if that’s only temporary. You can find a variety of uses for duct tape and should always have a roll handy. This is one of the most important tools you’ll have in your home. Whether you need to cover a hole, patch something, or just hold a couple of items together for a little while, duct tape is perfect.

These are ten tools you should have in your home; get a small toolbox, and fill it with these items so that you’ll be ready when it’s time to perform some minor home repairs.

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