July 13, 2024

5 Products to Make Your Used Car Seem a Bit Newer

Make your car seem newer with these 5 amazing products.

If you do not own a new car, then you know the feeling of wanting it to seem a little bit newer. There are tons of products out there that might make your car seem newer, but which ones are actually going to work and make a difference? Will new paint do the trick? Maybe you should get some seat covers? A steering wheel cover? There is no shame in buying and owning used cars. In fact, over 40 million used cars are sold worldwide every year. Certain products can certainly make it look like your car is newer, but the best ones will make you feel like you are in a different car completely. That said, you might have to do some digging to find the right products for your car.

We have done a little digging for you. Here are 5 products that will make your car seem a bit newer.

Cherish Your Used Car

Used cars sometimes get a bad rap. It is too easy to write off your used car because you think it is too old to love. But it’s not! With the right upkeep and the right products, your used car will seem like a new one. Part of this process is just putting a little bit more love into your car. You might not have it forever. Why not love it while it lasts?

New Headlights


Okay, so you might not be able to get a new car entirely, but you can begin upgrading parts of your car so that they feel newer. In fact, new headlights will light up the road better than the old ones, so you’ll be doing yourself a favor too.

Used cars tend to have dull headlights. Sometimes cars can get so old that the headlights stop working altogether. Then you really have to get some new headlights. But, if your goal is to make your car seem a little bit newer, some new headlights will definitely do the trick. That said, there are a lot of headlight options out there to choose from. Those include Halogen, HID, and LED headlights. Typically, if you want to go for a newer look, the LED lights will look the best.

New Audio

Sometimes used cars can have old stereo systems, and sometimes those systems stop working over time. Getting a new audio system can make your car feel newer, louder, and cooler. Consider the Boss Audio Systems Multimedia Car Stereo for the ultimate listening experience.

Many used cars do not even have aux cords for you to play your favorite tunes, let alone use Bluetooth. New audio systems can be affordable and are not that hard to install into your car all by yourself. Next thing you know, you are blasting awesome music out your windows and people are breaking their necks, wondering which cool ride is passing by, and it’s you!

New Rims


A set of new rims will add a bit of flash to your used car. 3SDM Wheels makes rims that are great quality and decently affordable.

Oftentimes, used cars have old rims and tires that just make the car look even older. A set of new, shiny rims will make any used car feel cooler and definitely newer. Depending on which style of used car you own, rims can make a whole lot of a difference. Old Honda Civics and Toyota Corollas look sick with upgraded wheels and rims. They might be a little on the pricey side, but definitely worth it if you’ve got the cash.

Performance Upgrades

Not everyone gets into upgrading a car’s performance, but some people do because they love the excitement of having a car that can go fast and burn rubber. Sometimes people want different things such as suspension upgrades or better brakes. Most often, people just want more power, more horsepower.

Chasing power can be an expensive hobby, but it is definitely worth the thrill. There are many ways to increase the power of your used car. Typically, what people will do is upgrade the engine with a turbo engine. Other ways include performance air filters, exhausts, or even using high-octane fuel.

Getting new brakes can help make your car feel newer for two reasons. Sometimes older cars have brakes that squeak and squeal. New brakes won’t make a sound and they will keep you and your passengers a lot safer. Part of what makes old cars feel newer is the driving experience. New brakes will make it feel like you are in a new car every time you stop at a red light.

A new suspension can do something similar. While a new suspension kit might not be as necessary as new brakes, they definitely add a new feel to the car. You will feel fewer bumps on the road, and your overall handling will feel a lot newer.

Car Trash Bin

A trash can for your car? Yup!

Keeping a clean car can make your car look cleaner, cooler, and newer. A lot of people have a difficult time keeping their cars clean. It is too easy to leave wrappers and water bottles all over the palace. Don’t get me started on fast food garbage. Car trash cans make it easy to throw your trash away. Some come with lids so your trash doesn’t stink up your car. This is one great way to keep your car clean and tidy.

Honorable Mentions

If you still need ways to make your car seem newer, consider buying seat covers, steering wheel covers, and new floor mats. This will make your car cleaner, smell better, and look a whole lot better, too. Sometimes all it takes to make your car seem newer is fixing what’s on the surface. If you have some small scratches in your paint, buy some touch-up paint from an auto store near you.


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