May 20, 2024
7 Summertime Activities to Stay Active

7 Summertime Activities to Stay Active

The warm weather is coming, and you want to get outside and stay active. What are some great summertime activities to help you enjoy moving more?

Moving around in the sunshine can be one of the healthiest things you can do. It’s harder to soak up that Vitamin D when it’s cold and you need to bundle up, but summer is all about light clothing, being active, and enjoying the warm weather. You don’t have to stick to traditional forms of exercise to get out and be active; here are seven great ways to enjoy your summer and be more active.

Now is the right time to start gardening

Whether you’re cutting down a jungle of a backyard to shape it into your own little outdoor oasis or you’re ready to plant some vegetables, gardening can be great for you. Hauling dirt, digging holes, and planting various plants give you a calm feeling while also offering you the exercise you want to enjoy while creating a wonderful new backyard garden. What will you plant this summer? If you put some veggies in the ground, you’ll have some delicious fall salads.

Take the dogs on some hikes

Do you live in an area where you can hike some cool trails and see wonderful scenery? If so, head to the trailhead with your furry friends and enjoy a great time outdoors together. Hiking is one of the best summertime activities you can enjoy when you want to be active. Your dogs will be more than happy to go with you; just make sure you bring along some poop bags and water to keep them cared for during your hike.

Get on your bicycle and take a ride

Summer is a great time to get on the old bicycle and take it for a ride. This is one of those amazing activities you never forget how to do, and it can be a lot of fun when the weather is warm. If you work close to your home, it might be good to hop on the bike and use it to commute back and forth to work all summer long. This is a great way to save fuel in your car and get some exercise at the same time.

Pool are open, let’s go for a swim

If you’ve got several outdoor pools in your area, you’ll want to use the warmer weather to take advantage of these pools being open. Get ready to take a swim or just go to the pool to splash around and play with your kids for several hours at a time. Swimming is one of the best summertime activities when you want to be active and improve your fitness level.

Summer is when you can play a lot of outdoor sports

Sports aren’t only for kids and professional athletes. You can play lots of great sports when it’s warmer outside. Find out if there are any adult sports leagues in your area and play softball, flag football, frisbee golf, or soccer. Of course, if you don’t want to join a league, you could get a couple of people together and go golfing. Even a round of golf on a cart is a great way to stay active and move around more than sitting at home.

Geocaching can be a lot of fun

When you’re used to a mostly sedentary lifestyle, Geocaching could be the right way to stay active and get outside for some fresh air. Using GPS directions and coordinates, you can find various hidden treasures in your own neighborhood and add a little something to each one. This is a wonderful way to show what you’ve found and enjoy one of the most enjoyable summertime activities that will help you get up and go outside to enjoy the warmer weather.

Clean up debris and trash in your area

The action of picking up the public area is called Plogging in Swedish terms. This is a great way to help the environment and stay active when the weather is warm. If you live near a lake or the ocean, head to the shoreline and pick up the debris you find. This is a fantastic way to get some exercise, soak up the sun, and enjoy cleaning the world around you. You’re sure to feel much better about yourself and where you live after you clean up the area.

Which of these summertime activities will you enjoy and stay active throughout the summer?

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