June 12, 2024
7 Ways to Get Your Kids Outside More and Away from Screens

7 Ways to Get Your Kids Outside More and Away from Screens

Can you get your kids outside to play, have fun, and leave the screens behind? You can if you do it and if you employ some of these activities.

Getting kids off their screens can be extremely difficult in today’s world. Kids often have access to tables, computers, and televisions in every room and area of their lives. Some kids even have smartphones of their own. How can you get them to put these screens away and go outside to enjoy nature, the neighborhood, and your yard? Here are a few ways to make this happen.

Make it part of your family routine

Carve out some family outside time each day, maybe with a walk after dinner, or a bike ride in the neighborhood. This could be an after dinner activity, which can be great right now while the summer sun is up until after 8pm every night. If you feel that you need to have at least one smartphone with you for emergencies, make sure its on silent and can’t interrupt your family outdoor time away from screens.

Get some sidewalk chalk

If you’ve got a driveway or sidewalk, your kids can use their imaginations to draw colorful and beautiful creations on the concrete. This is a great way to get your kids outdoors to play and have some fun. They will be away from the screens and drawing on the sidewalk outside. Typically, sidewalk chalk is affordable and available at most stores. Let the kids get creative and make your driveway their canvas while spending time soaking up the sunshine and playing outside, where their screens aren’t welcome.

Do activities they love

The first few times you take the kids outside for some fun, they might push back and act like they don’t enjoy it. Eventually, you’ll find something they love to do. Some kids like to hike, some like to bike, and others prefer to spend time watching nature. Play games that kids enjoy outside, try gardening, and let them learn about the nature around them. Find something your kids enjoy when they spend time outside and help them develop a passion for these activities. This will help them get outside and enjoy their time in the sun.

Ask your kids what they want to do outside

When you want to bring your kids to the outdoors and introduce them to nature, you should get them to buy into this activity by participating in the planning. If you’re planning a fun weekend away from home and you want them to have fun, let them help plan the weekend. Present them with several activities they can and will enjoy when you head to whatever location you’ll choose for your weekend getaway. When kids are part of the planning, they often enjoy the fun even more.

Have an outdoor scavenger hunt

Go outside and challenge your kids to try and find different types of things in the wilderness during your nature hike. Can they bring you several kinds of leaves? Do they see various animal tracks along the way? Can they name some of the trees in the forest? This scavenger hunt helps get kids outside and interested in what’s going on. Let them turn a collection of sticks into a piece of art as part of the fun.

Turn on the sprinkler

You don’t need a swimming pool to have water fun in the backyard, turn on the sprinkler and let the kids have some fun. Many kids enjoy running through a sprinkler, diving down a slip and slide, or playing in a small kiddie pool. Turn the water on and let the fun begin. Kids are much more likely to put the screens away when they know they can get outside and play in the water.

Get your kids into gardening

There’s something satisfying about getting your hands dirty, especially in gardening and potting soil. Start your kids early and teach them about the benefits of gardening and the pleasure of watching something they’ve planted grow and produce. Whether you grow flowers or vegetables, your children can have a lot of fun learning with you. Plant fruit trees and show them that some plants take several years to produce fruit, but when they do, it’s worth the wait. This is a great way to get kids outside and teach them about nature and patience.

How will you get your kids outside this summer? If you’re tired of them spending a lot of time on screens, use any of these ideas to get your kids outside and ready to enjoy nature.

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