April 14, 2021
90’s Trends are Back in Fashion

90’s Trends are Back in Fashion

What’s in your Closet?

Fashions come and go and then eventually circle back around again. It’s almost guaranteed that the styles worn decades ago will be back en vogue at some point. While the big hair, shoulder pads and neon-colored socks of the 80’s may (thankfully) never trend again; some styles from the 90’s are creeping back into the limelight. So let’s welcome back the decade made famous by The Spice Girls and girl power, Britney Spears, Super Mario, Beavis and Butthead, Dial-up and Y2K hysteria. Are there any 90’s leftovers in your closet -or your mother’s? Better look back there and rummage around or better yet –just scroll online or head down to any high street stores, ‘cost his stuff is now trending!

Chokers Are Cool Again!

If you were around in the 90’s as a teen or adult and had a penchant for chokers, you’re in luck. Or maybe you march to the beat of your own drummer and have been wearing yours regardless. Boo-yah fashion police! Either way, you can confidently strut your stuff now –and there are so many to choose from! And unlike the long dangly rope necklaces your baby tugged at and destroyed, you can safely wear them around small children.

Fanny packs are trending as ‘waist bags’ or ‘belt bags’

The good old practical fanny pack (or ‘bum bag’ in the UK) is back in fashion and go on admit it, you probably still have an old one stuffed in a drawer somewhere. In the 90’s this was a must-have (but not very fashionable) accessory for tourists and travelers. But now they’ve been revamped and are actually cute and stylish. You can look good while never having to fumble for your keys in one of those bottomless pit purses ever again.

Bandanas, Scrunchies and Claw Clips are in!

All I can say is thank goodness -no more bad hair days! In the 90’s I couldn’t live without my scrunchies and claw clips, amirite Jennifer Anniston? And I’m so glad I saved my old bandanas as they’ve been useful additions to Halloween costumes. But now they have a purpose other than a four-year-old’s cowgirl outfit -as a hairband, a neck scarf, hanging out the back pocket of my jeans…you name it.

High-waisted Jeans…?

And speaking of jeans, how do you feel about high-waisters making a comeback? Many would agree that these monstrosities, also known as ‘mom jeans’ can gladly stay in the ’90s! But then again, they are comfortable and hide a lot of midriff sins, so… maybe not so bad after all?

Leather Jackets

Did they ever go out of style? I never got that memo as I’ve been wearing my nifty little pleather biker jacket from Top Shop since the mid2000’s thank you very much. But if you were ever in doubt now’s the time to dig yours out or go out and buy one already.

Combat Boots

Combat boots are back in fashion –but for some of us, they’ve always been cool! And if you want to do it right the iconic Dr. Marten’s(Docs or DM’s), are the way to go. These comfortable, sturdy boots have been an integral part of youth subculture movements for 50 years on both sides of the Atlantic –from the British Mods of the 60’s, and the punks and skinheads in the 70’s/80’s, to the grunge kids of the 90’s. Dr. Marten shoes were popular with girls in the 80’s/90’s–worn with jeans or mini skirts and black tights, and by the mid 90’s the stylish look of pairing combat boots with floral dresses was ultra-trendy.