September 20, 2021
Are You Getting What You’re Paying For?

Are You Getting What You’re Paying For?

Outsourcing is never an easy option to consider, no matter what the circumstances. Essentially, outsourcing means we are handing over the reins to something we consider deeply personal. Add the mix of emotions surrounding personal business ventures, and outsourcing becomes a whole new ballgame. When it comes to social media and deciding whether or not to allow someone else to handle our efforts, we hope we’re making the same investment. However, what if you’re not getting your money’s worth? When is it time to get a second opinion?

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

Social media isn’t a one-size-fits-all business. Every different client is going to require a different recipe of channels, efforts, and emphasis and a skilled professional should be able to navigate that mix in a positive way. There are, however, instances where even a professional can get in over their heads; accepting responsibilities they know they can’t handle or are outside the scope of their expertise. It’s a side effect of human nature that we sometimes take on more than we can handle and then try to adjust accordingly, but as professionals, we shouldn’t be surprised when someone questions our efforts.

Ego plays a part in everyone’s everyday life, no matter how much we may protest that statement. Most people don’t handle criticism all that well on a regular basis, but when it is part of what we do for a living, we tend to become a little bit overly sensitive. Couple two people conducting business together who are both feeling very protective of their individual business efforts, and sometimes this can be a recipe for disaster if not properly negotiated with careful attention paid to each other’s feelings. It isn’t always easy to admit when we’re wrong, on either end of the business arrangement.

There is an importance in social media to defer to the experts, but we’ve also got to be sensitive to the wants and needs of our clients. If we are consistently missing deadlines or delivering less than stellar projects because we don’t fully understand the scope of the business for which we’re working, they have every right to question what it is we’re doing and if we truly even know what we’re doing. Yes, we are the experts, but no one knows their business better than the client, and we may need to defer to them.

Sometimes, we become so hopped up on the money or the opportunity which we were are presented that we take jobs that we don’t completely understand. Rather than lose face with the client, we make a valiant effort and try to grasp what it is the client wants from us, and unfortunately, we fall flat on our faces. We’re so wrapped up in the title of expert in these cases that we fail to realize that maybe the client is the expert to whom we need to defer. No one can advise us on the mechanics of a business better than the owner, right?

When you’re a business that has chosen to outsource your social media, and you’re consistently making changes to what you’re being given that span further than a grammatical error, you’re probably questioning whether or not you’re getting your money’s worth. This is a valid question, and it is acceptable to ask your social media professional their opinion. A good social media manager is going to issue a forthright and honest opinion as to whether or not they’ve taken on too much or don’t fully grasp what you’re trying to do with your social media. However, there is the chance that you’ll run into someone who doesn’t possess the ability to admit when they’re wrong. It is in these cases that getting a second opinion is fully acceptable.