September 20, 2021
Best Ways to Manage Your Time

Best Ways to Manage Your Time

Time Management: The Never-Ending Struggle

Chances are, this has happened to you before: you’re ready to start that project that’s not due for another three weeks, but then you get to thinking about all the things you’d rather be doing and besides, you still have three weeks to work on it. It’s easy to convince yourself that you don’t need to work on projects earlier because you focus on the due date and not the amount of preparation needed to complete them. Do you find yourself struggling to use your time wisely to accomplish all that you want to do? Time management sounds scary, but it’s a powerful skill to have whether you work at home, in an office or are a student.

Use Time Management Apps Like Trello

Thank gosh for apps and the ability to sync inboxes and calendars across multiple devices. It’s helpful to put due dates for assignments, any appointments or just things you want to get done on a certain day, on your phone’s calendar. It will likely sync with your desktop, laptop, or tablet as well so you can access it conveniently. It’s also helpful to use a free time management app like Trello. Trello is user-friendly and lets you create lists to keep your tasks organized. You can create your own colored labels to make yourself even more meticulously organized. Its list feature lets you easily drag and drop tasks to different stages, so you can see your progress at a glance. Try out a few different time management apps and see which one works best for you.

Write it Down

If you’re traditional and prefer to keep track of your tasks with pen and paper, grab a weekly planner and start filling it out with your tasks and dates. Writing down information helps to solidify it in your mind and will increase the likelihood that you’ll remember to do it. Writing it down multiple times is even better, so if you keep a planner and then have a separate to-do list for each day’s tasks, you’ll be more inclined to complete your tasks without rushing to do everything when the due date approaches.

Work in Chunks

One thing that trips people up when it comes to time management is convincing themselves that they need to be productive and work for hours on end without breaks. In reality, this leads to burnout and stress, making you feel discouraged and tired quicker. It’s best to work in chunks of time with small breaks in between to refresh and reset your mind. Set a timer for 20 or 30 minutes and make sure to work on your task and only that task until the timer ends. There are productivity cubes you can buy that make working in chunks more like a game and less like an overwhelming task. Find out what works best for you and stick with it.

Manage Your Time Better, Today

You don’t have to be afraid to work on your time management skills. As you practice better and achievable habits, you’ll be a time management master in no time. Don’t feel discouraged or stressed out when you don’t accomplish everything you set out to do in a day. Work on the most important tasks and remember to take breaks when needed.