April 14, 2021
Dodge that Depreciation How to Save By Buying Used

Dodge that Depreciation: How to Save By Buying Used

Get More For Your Money When You Buy Pre-Owned

If you’re considering buying a new car, it might be worth your while to check out used vehicles. You’ve probably heard that you can save money by buying a vehicle that you won’t be driving new off the lot, and that’s sage advice.

Buying used will help you skip out on the amount of value that a new car will lose in its first few years. There are many benefits to buying used, and your wallet might just thank you for your used car shopping! Let’s take a look at what depreciation means and how buying used can help you save big.

How Much Value Does a New Car Lose?

As soon as you drive a new vehicle off the lot, Carfax estimates that it automatically loses about 10 percent of its value. That means that you’re then stuck with a car that is worth less than you bought it for, and maybe even what you owe on it. That’s a difference you don’t want to be stuck paying for. By buying used, you’re letting someone else take that hit and saving up front.

Get More Car For Your Money

When you buy used, you could get more features, space or other upgrades for the same price as you could buy a more basic model new. Why not save your money and get something better for the same cost? While there are always new models hitting the market, sometimes the differences in features between a model year or even two can be marginal. But the price difference sure won’t be. Get more bang for your buck when you buy used.

Owe Less, Be More Free

When you buy a less expensive pre-owned car, you can save big. That might mean that you won’t have to put as much on a loan, a great thing if you’ve already got student loans, home loans or credit card debt on your plate. Then, you’ll have less to have to worry about, and you’ll have less to pay back. Take a step towards financial freedom and choose a cost-effective used vehicle!

Tried and True: Why a Used Car Is For You

Buying a used car should be just as simple and worry-free as buying a new one. Buy with confidence and get it checked out by a mechanic, or go through a dealership that does thorough inspections. Dealerships that provide vehicle history documents are also great places to start shopping. Whether you’re buying a car, truck or SUV, you could save big when you buy used!