September 19, 2021
Fells Point What to Do

Fell’s Point: What to Do

No visit to the Baltimore area can be considered complete without at least stopping to enjoy some of the activities available in Fell’s Point. While it’s become famous for its bar scene over time, that isn’t all this little area has to offer. From its charming cobblestone streets to its rowdy nightlife, the Fell’s Point district is a great destination that you don’t want to miss. Here is a list of the top five things to check out when you’re in Fell’s Point from drinks to entertainment.

The Top Spots

Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park Museum –Get behind the building of a boat with just one of the many interactive displays in this museum that celebrates the very first African American owned shipyard in our country. Both a museum and a park, visitors to this hot spot will be able to enjoy immersing themselves in the cultural significance of such a museum.

Bite of Baltimore –Check in with this premier food tourism company to get your hands on a spot for the Fell’s Point food tour. Hear about the history of the area as you stop at four different local restaurants on this amazing walking tour mixed with a little tasting menu. Sample the local cuisine and get some exercise in the process.

Baltimore Wicked History Tours –Not all history is sunshine and rainbows and the history of Baltimore and Fell’s Point is no different. While some of the area’s history comes from noble means, some of it doesn’t. Check out what happened back in the day with the sordid past of speakeasies, vile criminals, and celebrities.

Max’s Taphouse –With over 103 beers on tap, this isn’t Fell’s Point’s only bar but it will be a memorable stop on your trip. Dine on some excellent food or enjoy the brilliant coldness of over 1200 different bottled beers. This is Maryland’s biggest draft beer selection you’ll find, so be sure to plan for a stop into this taphouse right in the Fell’s Point area.

Baltimore Ghost Tours –For a small fee, be scared out of your wits or simply somewhat titillated by the supernatural history of Fell’s Point. Have a quick dinner somewhere amazing and then meet your tour group around 8PM and listen to your guide regale you with tales of the past featuring sailors and immigrants all working together to make a living in this seaside city. With over ten different stops, you’ll enjoy every minute of this hour-long tour. Once you’re done hitting up all of these hot spots, check out some of the best nightlife the Baltimore area has to offer in all of the different bars and clubs you’ll find here.