June 1, 2023
Great Bodyweight Exercises to Create Your Summer Body

Great Bodyweight Exercises to Create Your Summer Body

Spring has sprung, and the warmth of summer will be here soon. If you don’t want to spend money on a gym membership, try these great bodyweight exercises.

Before you get started, it’s important to be realistic about your expectations. You can’t drop those extra pounds, tighten up the middle, or create your best beach body without healthy eating habits to go along with these exercises. It’s important to be active, but you also need to ensure you’ve got a good diet, get enough sleep, stay hydrated, and take time to recover.

Side-to-Side Push-Ups

Regular push-ups are great for your chest, shoulders, and arms, but this version of these push-ups creates a new level of movement and challenge for you. Starting with your regular push-up position, move one hand toward the other, walk your outboard hand out to a push-up width, and perform a push-up. Once done, walk your hands in the opposite direction and perform the same push-up to the side again. This helps create a more challenging exercise that could engage your mind and your body.

High Plank Leg Lifts

You’ve heard of planks, which positions you on your elbows, but high planks have you up on your hands with your arms fully extended. While in this position, lift one leg straight up as high as you can and then the other leg. Repeat this for as long as you hold the plank. Ensure your legs are always under control during this movement. This should help give you a tighter rear and a more toned hip area. This is certainly a great bodyweight exercise to help create your summer body.

High Plank Knee-to-Elbow

From the same high plank position, bring each knee up to meet your elbows. Continually repeat this action while alternating legs for as long as you hold the high plank position. This exercise works your core, glutes, and legs to give you a good three-part workout. Keep your hips in line with your shoulders, and aim your knees for the outside of your elbows for the best results.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers are one of the best bodyweight exercises you can do, and this movement is similar to the High Plank Knee-to-Elbow movement. The biggest difference is Mountain Climbers are similar to running with immediate alternating from one foot to the other. You can speed it up, slow it down, and continue the movement for as long as you like. If you’re looking to add a little cardio into the mix, this is a great way to engage your core and create a running movement that also works your cardiovascular system.

Superman Pull

Start by laying flat on your stomach with your arms and legs extended. Lift up your legs and your chest at the same time. While your chest is elevated, pull your arms back in a similar motion as doing a lat-pulldown in the gym. Be sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together when your arms are open. Before lowering back down, fully extend your arms back out into the superman position.


If you’re looking for great bodyweight exercises you can do at home; Inchworms should be on your list. Start from a standing position and bend at the waist to put your hands on the floor. Walk your hands forward until you’re in the high plank position before walking your hands back to the starting position and standing back upright. This exercise engages your core and is a great activity for strength and flexibility.

Tricep Dips

Tricep Dips are one of the most common bodyweight exercises you can do. Some people use a chair or table, but you can also do this exercise on the floor. Start in a seated position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lean back and put your hands under your shoulders with your fingers pointing toward your feet. Your knees should be bent with your feet relatively close to your body. Using your hands, push your body upward and back down as far as you can without your butt touching the floor. This exercise works your triceps and shoulders.

Use these great bodyweight exercises to get your body in shape before the summer months arrive. If you’re looking for a beach body that looks wonderful and gives you the confidence you’ve always desired, these exercises are a great place to start. Remember, diet, exercise, sleep, and recovery are all necessary to achieve your fitness goals.

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