June 12, 2024
Why Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building is Worth a Watch

Why Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building is Worth a Watch

Before the second season airs, check out the reasons below why Only Murders in the Building is worth a watch on Hulu.

Streaming services used to just be collections of shows and movies that were produced elsewhere, such as Superstore, which was created by ABC, or Tangled, a Disney movie. But in the past decade, streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have begun to branch out and create their own television shows and movies that have received many positive reviews. This year, Hulu pulled out all the stops with their original TV show Only Murders in the Building, which has already been nominated for a score of awards. The show follows three neighbors who live in a Manhattan apartment building called the Arconia, as they start a podcast and try to solve a murder that occurred in the building.

A Star-Studded Cast

There are a host of familiar faces acting in Only Murders in the Building. Steve Martin plays Charles Haden-Savage, a retired TV detective, and Martin Short, whom Steve Martin has shared the screen with before, plays Oliver Putnam, a former Broadway director struggling to make ends meet. Selena Gomez portrays Mabel Mora, the young neighbor of Charles and Oliver who works with them to solve the murder, and who has a mysterious connection to the victim. Rounding out the cast are recurring characters Jan and Teddy Dimas. Jan is played by Amy Ryan, whom viewers may recognize as Michael Scott’s wife Holly from The Office. And Nathan Lane, who has been in everything from Modern Family to The Lion King, portrays Teddy Dimas, an old friend, and coworker of Oliver’s. Only Murders in the Building feature so many incredible actors whose charisma and talent shine through the show and make it a joy to watch.

A Perfect Mix Between Comedy and Mystery

While Only Murders in the Building revolves around a murder, hardly a laughable matter, there are many moments of comedy and hilarity. Whether it’s Charles and Oliver trying to figure out texting and other modern forms of technology that require Mabel to help them, Oliver’s perfectionist tendencies getting in the way of filming the podcast, or even Charles unexpectedly finding a dead cat in a freezer, there are so many moments throughout the ten episodes for viewers to laugh. But there’s also an excellent murder story tied into Only Murders in the Building. Jam-packed with secrets, mysterious relationships, lies, jewelry thieves, red herrings, and plot twists, the show is enough to make any home detective, and any home comedic, swoon.

A Unique Framing and Take on a Common Story

Murder mysteries are a super common plot point for movies, television shows, and novels. But what is unique about Only Murders in the Building’s approach to this plot is that the trio of detectives is not exactly skilled in their detective work; they’re interested in what happened to their neighbor and fascinated by the idea of making a podcast about it, but don’t have any professional experience in law enforcement. Of course, this leads to many silly shenanigans and overall chaos at some points in the show, which is all part of its appeal.

There are several other facets of the show that set it apart from others too. It takes on the podcast culture, which has just recently taken off in society and hasn’t had the chance to be integrated into television very much. The podcast that Charles, Oliver, and Mabel start is actually called “Only Murders in the Building” too, and they record it as they discover new information for their listeners, just as we discover new information by watching the show. Additionally, one of the episodes, “The Boy From 6B”, is filmed entirely from the perspective of a character who is deaf, meaning that the only information given to the readers is from lip reading and visible words, not by hearing anything.

Only Murders in the Building is currently one of the most popular shows around, for its famously experienced cast, a mix between murder mystery and comedy, and unique elements. Go check it out on Hulu!

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