September 19, 2021
Is 4K Really That Much Better

Is 4K Really That Much Better

Every couple of years, something new pops up on the entertainment market and people have to question whether or not this version of the technology is actually better or if it’s another ploy by the media to make us spend more money. This wave of new tech is the 4K DVD. You’ve probably noticed some moderately expensive disc versions of the newest releases coming onto the market, and when it’s sitting right next to the Blu-ray version, you have to wonder if the ten dollar price difference is warranted. Can it possibly look that much better?

Buy a Couple of Titles, Leave the Rest Alone

4K HDR Ultra HD technology is incredible. It picks up where Blu-ray left off and for those of you who are wrapped up in how good the picture is, you’ll love it. The colors are warmer and the details are crisp, but if compared side by side, Blu-ray is a bit more realistic looking. A 4K DVD may be the newest thing and you want to run out and start replacing your regular blu-ray discs, but wait it out. As of right now, the technology isn’t everything it could be. Most movies are shot using 2K technology, so they’re not even ready for the 4K technology. What is happening to make these movies 4K is a process called upscaling. When you’re watching a movie on a TV with a higher resolution than what you’re watching, for example if you’re watching a regular DVD on a 1080p DVD, the movie will rise to meet that resolution. While you would think this is impossible, it’s a function that is built into most televisions and media players. Even on a standard DVD, the picture is going to look cleaner.

Here’s the rub, however. Unless you went out and bought a 4K television as soon as they released, then you’re probably not going to be able to notice the difference in the quality on your TV. It may look okay, but you’re not going to get the full extent of the technology. So now, it’s not only the price difference between the Blu-ray versus 4K purchase, you have to buy a whole new TV, and in some cases a brand new media player as well. The Xbox One will play a 4K DVD in all of its glory, but if your TV isn’t 4K, you’re not going to get the benefits.

You may be tempted to spend some serious coin buying a bunch of 4K DVDs to watch on your brand new 4K DVD, but maybe don’t do it just yet. There are a couple of titles available that look pretty awesome even on older televisions,but with such a big price difference and the capacity of older TVs, don’t starting replacing your collection just yet. There is so much more to come from this technology over the next couple of years, and until Hollywood starts shooting films in 4K, it’s always going to be an upscaled picture. If your favorite movie releases on 4K, give it a shot. Otherwise, let this technology have a chance to get better before you go all out.