June 12, 2024
Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Tools to Make For a Better Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important room in most houses. It is where families and friends gather for food and conversation. However, a quick search on Amazon or Google will reveal a plethora of kitchen tools that do everything from slicing and dicing to roasting and toasting. And that isn’t even touching the items for entertaining and cleaning.

Thankfully, we have compiled a list of the best kitchen gadgets that make cooking, cleaning, and entertaining better.

1. Chopper, Dicer, and Spiralizer

Creating an incredible and impressive dinner is always an exciting feat. But, the result doesn’t always feel worth the work. Depending on the meal, there are sometimes hours of prepping before dinner can be plated.

Enter this all-in-one kitchen tool. This kitchen gadget has seven different inserts that are easy to change. There are different-sized chopper blades along with spiralizer inserts. As a bonus, you get a handheld peeler, juicer, and egg separator. This high-quality item comes with an attachable tray to catch all your food. Plus, it is dishwasher safe.

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2. Handheld Milk Frother

One of the best things about a trip to a coffee shop is the perfectly frothed milk on top of your latte or cappuccino. But those high-priced coffees aren’t the best for your budget. Thankfully, there is a way to recreate those specialty drinks at home.

This handheld device is portable and lightweight. Not only is it easy to hold, but you can travel with this frother easily. Froth milk in less than 20 seconds. But, this versatile kitchen tool is for more than just coffee. Use it for milkshakes, hot chocolates, matcha powder, or to beat eggs, as well.

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3. Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

For all the BBQers in your life, this Bluetooth meat thermometer will make smoking and grilling meats to perfection easier than checking an email. This convenient meat thermometer seamlessly connects to your phone so you always have an accurate temperature.

But, this kitchen tool not only monitors the cooking temperature, but you can also get smart alerts via a notification on your phone. Simply set a desired temperature or range and get notified when the probe reaches it. It also comes with detailed temperature suggestions based on the type of meat you’re cooking. Finally, you can get a detailed chart graphing the temperature changes over a two-hour period.

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4. Microwave Cleaner and Fridge Odor Absorber

This angry hot mama and chilly mama are the tiny and inexpensive kitchen tools you didn’t know you needed. While they’re directly for cooking, these items will make your kitchen a nicer place.

Fill the hot mama with water and vinegar, and pop her in the microwave to release set-in particles and food. As the microwave runs, steam releases from her head. Then, use the included rag to wipe down and the food will come right off. Meanwhile, keep the chilly mama full of baking soda and let her hang out in the fridge to absorb food smells.

This cute set will keep your kitchen cleaner and smelling good.

5. Under Sink Organizer

If you’re like most people, the area under your sink is like an abyss that catches odds and ends like cleaning supplies, towels, extra bags, and more. Oftentimes, things disappear under there. Not anymore with this easy-to-set-up organizer.

This intuitive design creates a shelf that borders the outside of the interior so you have a raised area and a lower area for storage. It also has an adjustable design so it’s sure to fit your space. Now, you can easily find your detergents, soaps, and whatever else you store under your kitchen sink.

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6. Double-Sided Bristle Cleaner

It seems like glasses are rarely truly clean. Dishwashers are not good at getting clear glasses back to sparkling. And handwashing and dryer are cumbersome. If you love a spotless glass, then you need this double-sided bristle cleaner for cups.

This kitchen tool comes with three large suction cups to securely adhere to the counter. As you’re loading the dishwasher or prepping to handwash, simply insert the middle section of bristles into the cup. As you spin your glasses in a complete circle, the two sets of brushes work to completely clean your glass, inside and out.

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7. Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

This board is the entertaining item to rule all them all. This beautifully designed wooden tray is made of bamboo and is large enough to hold a wide variety of food at your next party. The large center portion even has a rim to save any leaks from dripping off.

It also comes with three additional trays that slide into the middle section for easy storage. One tray comes with a set of cheese knives and serving utensils. This board is perfect for the charcuterie enthusiast. Break it out at your next party, or simply use it at home for a date night.

8. Mesh Food Tents

As the warmer months roll around, picnics become a family favorite. Whether you’re enjoying a simple meal in your backyard, or you’re at a neighborhood potluck, outdoor picnics are a summer treat. However, flies become a nuisance that seriously inhibits outside enjoyment.

Thankfully, there is a simple solution to keep these pesky bugs off your food. These mesh food tents are sturdy, collapsable, and large enough for big plates. Take these tents to a BBQ, the pool, or camping, or use them to protect seedlings in your garden!

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9. Ninja Ice Cream Maker

If you dream of being the host with the most, then this ice cream maker is a must. Easily and effortlessly transform simple ingredients into frozen favorites like ice cream, gelato, milkshakes, and smoothies. The possibilities are endless.

This machine boasts a compact design so storage is easy when you’re not using it. But it will likely live on your counter in the summer! The Ninja Creami is so easy to use, that both the young and young-at-heart can quickly make their own frozen concoctions.

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10. Coordinated Storage Containers

If watch design shows or search Pinterest with envy of all the perfectly organized homes with coordinated storage, then you need these containers. Your pantry and cabinets will never look better.

The food-grade plastic in these containers is BPA-free. Plus, they have locking lids with a silicone gasket to create an air-tight seal. And, the lids are interchangeable! Use these containers in your pantry for cereals, chips, or pasta. Or, keep them in a cabinet with sugar or coffee. You can even keep these containers in the fridge. As an added bonus, you get a set of reusable labels as well as measuring cups.

If you are looking to take your cooking, cleaning, and entertaining game up a notch, then this list has everything you need to fill your kitchen with everything you need.

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