September 19, 2021

LSU vs. Clemson Predictions

Back in December, the LSU Tigers, in the number one seed, took on the Oklahoma Sooners, in the fourth spot. LSU quickly ran away with the game, and by halftime, they were up 49 to 14. Their success didn’t diminish for the rest of the game, and the final score was 63-28 in favor of the Tigers. That game was the first of the NCAA College Football Playoffs, the second being between the Clemson Tigers and the Ohio State Buckeyes, which was a much closer game. Clemson edged out the Buckeyes 29-23 in the end, and now the first seed, LSU, and the third, Clemson, will play each other on Monday. With two undefeated teams, it’s sure to be a great, and close, game, but at the end of it all, who will take home the championship?

Quarterbacks and Offense

LSU and Clemsoneach have one of the best quarterbacks in college football. LSU’s Joe Burrow previously attended Ohio State University but transferred to LSU last year. He’s broken many records, including the most passing touchdowns in the SEC, and to top it all off, he is this year’s Heisman Trophy winner. But Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence has been a shining star for the South Carolina college. He has never lost a game that he has started and won the National Freshman of the Year, Archie Griffin Award, and ACC Rookie of the Year awards in 2018. Both are likely to be drafted early for the NFL, and pitting them against each other will lead to an excellent challenge for them both. The offensive efforts of both teams are extraordinary, as well. Offensive assistant coach Joe Brady greatly helped the Louisiana-based team, and he and some of their amazing receivers helped the team gain a total of 684 points throughout the season, as well as 564 yards. Clemon amassed 634 points and 538 yards, and although they weren’t especially offensively productive against Ohio State, that doesn’t mean Clemson can’t turn it on against LSU.

Defensive Assets and Experience

Clemson allowed 23 points against Ohio State, but that game wasn’t their best defensive performance. In previous games, Clemson has held Notre Dame to just 3 points, Duke to 6 points, and Pittsburgh to 10 points. Clemson has faced powerful offenses similar to that of LSU’s, such as Alabama’s and Tua’s offenses last year, and their defense has held up. Another thing in Clemson’s favor is their history and experience in the College Football Playoffs. The orange-and-white Tigers have won the championship three times before and would become back-to-back champs if they could do it again this year. Meanwhile, LSU may be better known for their offense than their defense, but they are still very capable of interceptions and defensive blocks, especially because of players like Derek Stingley Jr., Kristian Fulton, and Grant Delphin. Earlier in the season, they managed to hold Mississippi and Georgia to 16 points each. LSU has also won the championship three times, but not as recently as Clemson, which doesn’t give them the kind of momentum that Clemson can use to their advantage. However, LSU has had a historical and record-breaking season with Joe Burrow and the rest of their players, and are hungry to top it off with their first championship in over ten years.

The contest between Clemson and LSU, both with the record of 14-0, is sure to be a good one, and the score likely won’t be astronomical, with either team completely dominating the other. But, with LSU’s superb offense, including Burrow and receivers like Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson, as well as their record-breaking season, they will likely edge out the Clemson Tigers come Monday.