May 20, 2024

Meet the 3 Most Famous Dodge Cars in the World – And Maybe Make Them Yours

Where Ford has become a household name and Chevy has made a name for itself with some of the best trucks in the 21st century, Dodge has been on the tip of the tongue of every sportscar enthusiast for decades.

Everyone who likes fast cars has a favorite vehicle at their local Dodge dealer, but which ones gave Dodge its fame?

Below are three of the most famous Dodge vehicles in the world, some of their most powerful or impactful versions, and information about where you can find them if you’re ready to get a muscle car of your own.

Dodge Charger


First hitting the scene in 1966 with an intimidating front grille, smooth long hood, and roaring V8 engine, the Dodge Charger was a force to be reckoned with compared to other muscle cars of the time.

Over its seven generations, the Charger could be found as a pony car, a luxury coupe, and even a subcompact hatchback model. Now, it’s a four-door sedan with an improved version of its signature grille and a sleek body to match its stellar speed.

As it finally reaches the end of its production, the Dodge Charger is offering seven trims – including the heartstoppingly fast SRT Hellcat – and legacy special editions like the King Daytona and Super Bee.

Dodge Viper


First made in the early 1990s, the Dodge Viper created a lot of hype when its pre-production model was used as the pace car for the Indianapolis 500 in 1991. A two-seater with a V10 engine and no air conditioning, it was truly a racing car.

Its second generation began in 1996 – it introduced more comfort features and a signature stripe down the center of the car in the GTS model. It went through three more generations before being discontinued in 2017.

The exact reason the model was discontinued is unknown, though speculation of bad sales and inability to comply with new safety regulations was mentioned at the time. But you can still find some 2017 luxury Vipers around today to enjoy.

Dodge Challenger


Arguably the most famous badge name used by Dodge, the Challenger created an uproar when it was first released in 1970 to provide Dodge dealers a competitor for the Ford Mustang. It featured immense power, a staggering number of trim options, and nearly every engine in Chrysler’s inventory at the time.

It only had three generations, as it stopped being produced from 1984 to 2008, but the third generation included some of the world’s favorite models – the Hellcat, the Demon, and a convertible version.

Like the Charger, its production officially ends in 2024 as Dodge focuses on electric vehicle offerings.

How and Where to Find the World’s Best Muscle Cars Today

So if these famous Dodge high-performance cars are going out of production, where are you supposed to get them now?

Luckily, the Charger and Challenger can still be found new at Dodge dealer locations across the United States, and used Viper models are still floating around used dealerships and private seller websites.

But if you want a chance to own one of Dodge’s most famous vehicles, your time is running out – go get yours today before they’re gone!

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