June 12, 2024
Micro Weddings: Intimate Celebrations, Big Love

Micro Weddings: Intimate Celebrations, Big Love

Does the entire extended family need to be in attendance at your wedding? Maybe it’s time to explore the benefits of micro weddings.

Large weddings with lots of people that you might not know can be extremely daunting, and lose some of the intimacy, and fun. Do you really need your mother’s boss at your wedding? When was the last time you visited with your second cousin and their family? Instead of a large wedding, scale things back to enjoy your day with twenty or fewer guests by hosting a micro wedding that can bring you the memories you desire.

Consider hosting your wedding at home

Do you or your parents have a lovely home with a beautiful backyard that can be the right place to host your special day? Your home could be the perfect place for your wedding and reception. This will save you lots of money on the venue and make it easy to move from the wedding to the marital bedroom for the first wedding night. An at-home wedding gives you a lifetime of memories of that special day every time you spend time in the yard or in the room where the nuptials took place.

A small group is perfect for a destination wedding

Destination weddings can be exciting and fun, but if your group is too big, this gets extremely expensive. Micro weddings are perfect for a destination wedding. You can take this group on a cruise, go to one of your favorite foreign destinations, or visit a memorable place that you love in your own country. Booking a group for a destination wedding means airfare, hotel accommodations, and rental cars, which are all much easier with a small group.

Make those tough decisions

The most difficult decision you’ll make when it comes to your small wedding is who to invite. Considering you’re dealing with a group of 20 or fewer people in total, you’ll probably only invite your closest relatives and friends. It can be hard to cut some people out of the list, but when the goal is an intimate event with your love as the center consideration, cutting down the guest list can be hard to accomplish, but you must get it done.

Give the gift of a welcome box

A micro wedding allows you to stretch the wedding budget much further than if you had hundreds of guests at your ceremony. Create intimate and unique welcome boxes for each guest. Because you have a small group, you could easily make these boxes much more personal than if you had a large wedding group. Make these gift boxes special and let your guests know you appreciate them coming to your wedding to celebrate your special day.

Enjoy some pre-wedding events

This is especially easy to do if you have a destination wedding and everyone goes to your destination at the same time. You can plan some fun events for the whole group, for the guys, for the gals, and some stuff that’s optional. These pre-wedding events make it fun for people to look around and enjoy the area where you’re hosting the wedding. Of course, if you have a hometown wedding, you can also plan some of these events and spend time at your favorite places before the big day.

Choose a spot with incredible scenery

Micro weddings are perfect for the most intimate locations. You don’t have to worry about fitting everyone into the space if you’ve got a small group. Pick one of the most incredible locations with amazing scenery that becomes a huge part of your wedding photos. Imagine being married on a mountain, at a location with rolling hills behind the scenes, or a waterfall cascading in the background. These are only a few of the possibilities when it comes to your scenic and intimate location.

Create a live stream of the big day

One of the best ways to justify pairing down your list to only twenty people or fewer is to livestream the big day. Often, this can be done as part of your photo package. This live video feed enables those not in attendance to view your wedding and interact with you after your vows are done. Many of your family members might prefer this to coming for the wedding and be a little more accepting of being left off the guest list.

Micro weddings offer many incredible benefits when a couple wants to enjoy the intimacy of a small wedding with twenty or fewer guests. If this sounds like a great way for you to celebrate your big day of love and intimacy, choose the smallest wedding possible.

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