July 13, 2024
Mitsubishi Planning Off-Road Delica Van For the US Market

Mitsubishi Planning Off-Road Delica Van For the US Market

Despite its past reputation as a lesser player in the market, Mitsubishi has recently been doing pretty well in the United States. The reason for the increasing success is mainly the Mitsubishi Outlander. The model was co-developed with Nissan and found a market in the United States. Now, Mitsubishi might be planning to release an off-road minivan here.

Modeled After D:X Concept

The new minivan shown in a recent lineup preview photo is inspired by the D:X Concept model introduced in Tokyo last year. The van should maintain its rugged trappings to appeal to the growing demographic of Americans who are delving into off-road and overlanding lifestyles. It will also offer a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Some of the concept van’s features were rather far out, including a front glass panel to see the ground and a steering wheel setup that moves with the driver’s door. Those aren’t likely to make it into the production version. However, the three-row layout and off-road tuning are likely to make it into the final product.

Mitsubishi’s Momentum 2030 project intends to build a more varied lineup with multi-purpose vehicles like the Delica, plus potentially trucks and crossovers. The project sets the stage for new powertrains, new models, and eventually new dealerships being opened across the country.

Rugged Outlander Variant Coming

Another model in the works is likely to compete with the Subaru Outback. This type of vehicle outfits a passenger car with a small lift, off-road tires, and a roof rack. The Outlander is already very competitive in its segment, but this new model would be a more outdoorsy version and should get a PHEV option as well.

The next phase for Mitsubishi might be bringing some of its international truck models to the United States. The automaker has some popular pickup models in other markets, but it has yet to sell one in the US since the ill-fated Raider. According to some reports, Mitsubishi might be considering an electric pickup for the US market.

At the very least, Mitsubishi might want to consider a compact pickup model to compete with the currently small segment that consists mainly of the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz. Buyers are becoming increasingly interested in small pickups.

Current Mitsubishi Lineup

If you’re not familiar with the Mitsubishi lineup, it’s not too surprising since the automaker doesn’t get the kind of buzz some other Japanese brands get. However, it has a decent number of models. At the top of the lineup is the Outlander crossover, which also comes in a PHEV version.

The Mirage serves as the car option for the automaker, and it comes in both four-door sedan and hatchback forms. The Eclipse might be a familiar nameplate, but in its current form, it’s called the Eclipse Cross and serves as a compact crossover. The Outlander Sport is another compact crossover offering.

Ultimately, Mitsubishi needs a model that really stands out and turns heads. An off-road minivan geared toward overlanding might be just the thing to do that.

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