May 20, 2024
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Navigational Signs You Should Know

Do you know how to get from one place to another? Even though you use a navigational GPS app, you still need to know what different signs mean and how they impact how you get from one place to another. This skill hasn’t changed much, except for the fact that your GPS app will tell you what street to turn on. That being said, you still need to know the difference between an interstate highway, a US Highway, or a state road when you’re driving. Let’s review some signs that help you with navigation and with the flow of traffic.

Why do We See Signs Counting the Miles?

There are these little green rectangular signs along most major highways. They all give you the word “Mile” and then a number; what are they? These signs are called Mile Markers, and they can be helpful in most states. Most states count miles from south to north and from west to east. If you know you’re going to get off the highway at exit 325, that means you’re exiting the highway at a location that is just beyond mile marker 325. These signs give you a precise location along the road. If you’re ever stranded, this sign can be your best friend when calling for help.

What Does that Red Octagon Mean?

The bright white letters on the red octagon is a STOP sign. Sometimes, this sign is green or colored to match neighborhood signs, but they all mean the same thing; you need to stop at that sign. This is probably one of the most ignored signs on the road, but when you’re in an unfamiliar place, you need to look for it. Also, this sign means you need to come to a complete stop for at least one full second, not roll through it just because no one else is around.

How Do You Know What Road You’re On?

Another typically green rectangle that is one of the most important navigational signs you’ll use is a Street Sign. We say it’s typically green because some neighborhoods and cities will have this sign offered in a different color. These signs are extremely useful while navigating. Your app can tell you what street to turn on and even how far away it is, but if you don’t see the street sign, you will question whether or not you should make that turn.

Do I Get a Warning When the Road Goes from Four to Two Lanes?

Yes, you do. There are yellow-colored diamond signs everywhere that give you indications as to what the road will do. These include one called a Divided Highway Sign. This sign has a pair of arrows pointing in different directions with a division between them at the bottom. If you’re going away from that divider, it means you won’t have a median and might be moving to a two-lane highway. If you’re going toward the divider, you’re about to have a median separating the two directions of traffic.

Why are Some Shield Signs Colored and Others Black and White?

Interstate Highway Signs are Blue with a red top and shaped like a shield. These are major highways that typically have higher speed limits and don’t have any traffic lights. These highways are designed to get you from one state to the next quickly US Highway signs are black and white shields that also cover
several states, but often take you through towns and can have traffic lights on them. Both of these are important navigational signs, especially if you’re going on a road trip.

Why Does that Sign have an Upside-Down U with the Ghostbusters Slash Through It?

This sign does not mean you’re busting the U, whatever that might mean. This sign means No U-Turn, and it’s an important sign to pay attention to. When you’re venturing into an unfamiliar town, there’s a much higher likelihood that you’ll need to make a U-Turn than you would in your own city. You need to know where you can’t make this turn and where you can. This sign tells you areas where you cannot make this turn and should keep going until you find a spot where you can.

What is that Big Green Sign Trying to Tell Me?

When you see a large green billboard-like sign with either street names or city names on it, that sign is not an advertisement. The numbers to the right indicate the number of miles to that street or city. These signs are called Distance Signs, and they help you know how far you need to go to get to that location. If you’re trying to figure out when a good rest spot is, and you see a familiar name, these signs can be extremely helpful.

Why Are There Yellow Signs With People On Them?

The yellow signs with people or animals on them indicate places where people or animals are likely to cross the street. Most of the time, you’ll see these signs around schools where crossings take place. These Crossing Signs are important for your navigation because they help you understand that you need to slow down and make sure you watch for pedestrians in these areas. Nothing could ruin your road trip more than if you were to run over a person because you ignored a sign.

What Should I Do When I See Orange Cones and Signs?

The bright orange color of the cones and signs you see indicate a construction zone, a hazardous area, or an area where you need to be more cautious. These signs and cones are used when emergency service vehicles need to tend to people who have been in a car accident or to indicate an area where construction is ongoing. You need to slow down, proceed with caution and pay attention in case there is a police officer directing traffic or your lane is diverted due to construction. No matter where you go in this country, you’re likely to find these orange signs along the way.

Now that you know a little more about the navigational signs you’ll see on the road, you should feel a bit safer about taking your next road trip.

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