September 19, 2021
NFL –Washington Ends Pittsburgh’s Undefeated Season

NFL –Washington Ends Pittsburgh’s Undefeated Season

The reason for the double booking on Monday was the current COVID-19 pandemic that’s making its way through many of the NFL teams.

On Monday, December 7, 2020, the NFL showed us a pair of games. One of the two games was a matchup between the undefeated 11-0 Pittsburgh Steelers and the 4-7 Washington Football Team. This wasn’t expected to be a difficult game for the Steelers, but there’s a lot more to this story.

COVID-19 has Caused the Steelers Trouble All Season

Even though the Steelers were undefeated going into this game, they are a team that has had several schedule changes that have taken place. They lost their bye week early in the year when their opponent had COVID-19 issues and the game that was supposed to take place on Thanksgiving was moved three times. This turkey day game against the Ravens was eventually played on Wednesday, December 2, which gave the Steelers only four full days between games.

Conversely, The Washington Team Benefited

Initially, the matchup between the Steelers and the Washington Football Team (WFT) was scheduled for Sunday, December 6. In order to give the Steelers some time to rest between games, it was moved to Monday. The WFT last played on Thanksgiving, which means they had 12 days off between games.

A Serious Trap Game in the NFL

The undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers came off a bloodbath of a game against the Baltimore Ravens, which these matchups always are. With a team that seemed to be going nowhere scheduled in front of them, the game against the WFT seemed to be a serious trap game for the Steelers. It certainly became that as the end result of the game was a loss of 23-17 to the WFT.

The WFT is a Serious Story of Strength in the NFL this Year

While the big story should be how David took down Goliath on the NFL field in Pittsburgh, but there’s more to the story than that. Starting in the off-season, the team in Washington, D. C. was under fire for many reasons. It seemed the only good thing this team had done was hire Ron Rivera as their head coach, but that was also all they needed to create the right sense of calm.

A Name Change is Still in Progress for an NFL Team

Why is this team in Washington called the Washington Football Team and no longer the Redskins? Racial pressure finally got to the team owner Dan Snyder and his executive staff and they agreed to change the name of the team. Rather than rush to create a name, they stated WFT would be the name of the team at least for the 2020 NFL season.

Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Made Headlines

Another item that spiked up during the off-season was the allegations of sexual misconduct in many different ways among some of the front office personnel in Washington. This was quickly handled and put to rest with the team leaning on Ron Rivera to offer a steady hand and be the spokesperson for the organization, which was certainly smart on their part.

Rivera Fought Cancer During the Season

We’ve seen head coaches fight cancer in the past, but most of them had to take time off from the team in order to handle their own sickness. While Ron Rivera was fighting cancer, receiving chemo treatments, and having several doctor’s appointments, he didn’t miss a beat with the team. It was certainly a heartwarming moment when Rivera was able to ring the bell that signified, he has beaten cancer.

The Alex Smith Story is the Comeback Story of the Century in the NFL

Not a single NFL player or coach has nearly faced death the same way that Alex Smith has during the past couple of years. With his injury, Smith could have retired from football but he didn’t. In fact, he has become the starting quarterback for the WFT and has won three games in a row to put his team in the lead for a playoff spot.

What About the Steelers?

The final undefeated NFL team has fallen, which means the remaining 1972 Miami Dolphins have popped the corks of celebration. While a loss means the Steelers can’t make history with their record, you can bet head coach Mike Tomlin is going to use this loss to fuel his team for the rest of the season and into the playoffs. The Steelers will certainly be a force to be reckoned with when the playoffs come around.