July 24, 2021
Shaking Up the NBA Power Rankings for Week 11

Shaking Up the NBA Power Rankings for Week 11

The NBA season is getting hot and heavy and every week we get to see what the NBA Power Rankings are to figure out what team is the best.

After eleven strong weeks of play, we saw several teams change places and move around in this list to give us a new look at the teams you should expect to see when it’s time for the playoffs.

The Utah Jazz Stay at the Top

The most important and pivotal game last week was when the Jazz played the Lakers in which the Jazz came out victorious. Currently, the Utah Jazz hold the league-best 27-7 record which is incredible. Barring injuries, you can expect this Jazz team to be one that makes a strong run in the playoffs this year.

We See the Brooklyn Nets Second in the NBA Power Rankings

The Nets maintained their second position in this list to be one of the top teams in the league. Are the rankings a sign that we might see the Jazz and Nets in the NBA Finals? There’s a lot of basketball left to be played, which will tell the tale. Right now, the Nets hold a 22-13 record after eleven weeks and they seem to be getting better.

The Los Angeles Lakers Keep Limping Along in Third

No team in the NBA is looking forward to the All-Star break as much as the lakers. They need to get Anthony Davis back and need to find a way to give LeBron James a break. As this team limps along, they find themselves in the third position in the NBA Power Rankings which is the same spot he was in last week.

The Phoenix Suns Continue in the Fourth Spot

Carrying a 22-11 record after eleven weeks, the Phoenix Suns have played some excellent basketball and are ready to continue to showcase their talents on the floor. With the league’s second-ranked offense, this team is poised to make a strong run at the playoffs. Keep an eye on the Suns as we look at the NBA power rankings each week.

The Milwaukee Bucks Move Up to Fifth in the NBA Power Rankings

The Bucks finished the eleventh week of the season with a 21-13 record to be one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference. The Bucks are beginning to look a lot like the team that we saw last year that has the top record in the NBA before COVID-19 struck the league. Expect to see this team make a strong and deep run when it’s playoff time.

Dropping to Sixth We see the Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers faced a tough schedule last week which resulted in a slight fall in the NBA power rankings. Their record stands at 24-12 as this team looks forward to an easier schedule over the upcoming week. We’re not quite sure what the Clippers are going to bring when it comes time for the playoffs, but you can bet they will be part of the story.

The Philadelphia 76ers Drop to Seventh in the NBA Power Rankings

With a 22-12 record, we see the 76ers in the seventh spot on this list. This is a drop of one position from that week. This is a team that’s getting ready to hit its stride and should look strong and ready to take on the rest of the league as they come out of the All-Star break. If you’re looking for a team that should catch fire, look to the 76ers.

We See the Denver Nuggets are Moving Upward

The Nuggets find themselves in the eighth spot even after a blunder at the end of a game early in week 11. This team has a record of 18-15 and moved from the ninth position into this spot. Only time will tell if the Nuggets are a team that you’ll want to watch closely or if they will be one of the teams that will make a quick exit out of the playoffs.

And the rest of the NBA Power Rankings Are:

9. Golden State Warriors 19-16

10. San Antonio Spurs 17-12

11. Dallas Mavericks 16-16

12. Miami Heat 17-17

13. Portland Trailblazers 18-14

14. Toronto Raptors 17-17

15. Boston Celtics 17-17

16. New York Knicks 18-17

17. Charlotte Hornets 16-17

18. Memphis Grizzlies 15-15

19. Indiana Pacers 15-17

20. Washington Wizards 13-19

21. Chicago Bulls 15-17

22. New Orleans Pelicans 14-19

23. Oklahoma City Thunder 14-20

24. Atlanta Hawks 14-20

25. Orlando Magic 13-21

26. Cleveland Cavaliers 13-21

27. Sacramento Kings 13-21

28. Detroit Pistons 9-25