September 20, 2021
Ten Best Holiday Light Displays Happening Across the US

Ten Best Holiday Light Displays Happening Across the US

Let the magic of holiday light displays amaze your children and bring joy to your heart as you view the way many have decorated.

In a year that has put many of us on edge, it’s time to see something traditional that we can admire and enjoy when it’s the holiday time. If you want to get out and see more lights than what your local neighborhood has to offer, consider taking the kids on a road trip to see some of the best holiday light displays around the country.

WildLights at the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

Starting after Thanksgiving and going on through December 28, the Palm Desert in California is where you’ll see an amazing display. This light display is worth the drive to see a million lights transform the zoo into a winter wonderland in the desert. See life-sized lighted animals, food, carousels, and other items that will capture your spirit of wonderment.

ZooLights at Smithsonian’s National Zoo

From November 29-January 1, you’ll see the Smithsonian National Zoo lit up with more than 500,000 LED lights to give you a light show you’ll love. All visitors can enjoy the lights and offer the ooh and ahh sounds that come when you feel the imaginative way that these lights have been put together or your enjoyment. This display is found in Washington, DC, which means you could enjoy a tour of the Nation’s Capital City during your road trip.

River of Lights at ABQ BioPark Botanical Garden

Let the river light up with life for you from November 30-December 30. A road trip to Albuquerque, NM will present you with this incredible light show that offers you the beauty and color of an underwater ecosystem that comes to life. This show is New Mexico’s largest walk-through light show, features classic holiday displays and marine wildlife.

Austin Trail of Lights

It might be time for you to visit Austin Texas and see one of the most amazing holiday light displays. From December 10-23, Zilker Metropolitan Park offers a community event that shows off several Austin-related lights for you to enjoy. Admire the way the music and food are put into lights while you enjoy some of the muck and food that are offered for you along the Trail of Lights.

Hershey Park’s Sweet Lights

Hershey, PA is home to the famous chocolate factory to give you a tasty place to visit. From Thanksgiving until January 1, you can enjoy the Sweet Lights display that presents you with a two-mile driving tour of nearly 600 illuminated displays. Enjoy the warmth and comfort of your car while you admire the lights you see around you.

Oglebay Winter Festival of Lights

A drive through Wheeling, WV could give you the light show you want to see. On display from Thanksgiving until January 5, you’ll enjoy a six-mile drive of 90 lighted attractions made from more than one million lights. This is one of the largest holiday light displays in the nation and is made of energy-efficient lights to give you the display you want to see in a responsible manner.

Illumination at Morton Arboretum

On display from Thanksgiving until January 5, you can enjoy the light at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL. This is one of the award-winning displays around the country. You’ll enjoy a one-mile walking tour through fifty acres of the arboretum giving you a view of amazing lights, the sounds of amazing music, and projections you want to see. If you’re looking for a great place to see one of the best holiday light displays, this is the place to go.

Enchanted: Forest of Light at Descanso Gardens

Make the drive to La Canada Flintridge, CA, and enjoy the lights that are put around the forest. This light display is offered until January 5 and it can be the place you find your holiday spirit this year. As one of the best holiday light displays in the country, you can enjoy the famous oak trees and botanical collections that are the stars of the show during this one-mile walking tour.

Garden Lights, Holiday Nights at Atlanta Botanical Garden

The Atlanta, GA area is home to the Atlanta Botanical Garden which is home to one of the amazing holiday light displays you want to see. On display until January 11, you can see the 30 acres of gardens that are lit up for you including the Tunnel of Light, Ice Goddess, and the Orchestral Orbs that offer you countless wonders to admire.

Moody Gardens’ Festival of Lights

On display until January 12, the Festival of Lights in Galveston, TX is a one-mile trail that features more than one million lights and lighted scenes. The entire garden is illuminated, which offers amazing views of Galveston Bay. This is one of the most incredible holiday light displays you’ll see when you’re ready to take a road trip to find your wonder and see your kids see their imaginations come to life in the holiday lights.