April 14, 2021
The Top Chef Tour of Chicago

The Top Chef Tour of Chicago

As the foodie revolution has continued over the years, the popularity of shows on the Food Network and Bravo has grown substantially. One of the more popular competition based cooking show is Top Chef airing on the Bravo Network for over fifteen seasons. In this show, “cheftestants” compete in two separate competitions per episode all in hopes of winning cash and prizes.

The Top Chef franchise has given birth to several spin-off series and a full line of cooking related products, but perhaps the biggest takeaway has been the rise of some amazing chefs. Many of these chefs call the Chicago area home and have established award-winning and critically acclaimed restaurants.

If you’re a Top Chef fanatic, here are some of the can’t miss restaurants run by Top Chef cheftestants.

The Top Chef Restaurants

The Girl and The Goat –Owned and run by Top Chef Season Winner Stephanie Izard, this modern global food restaurant was opened in2010 in the West Loop. Featuring menu items like green garlic pierogies, squash blossom Rangoon, and escargot ravioli, Izard puts her worldly spin on classic dishes and does so deliciously. If you’re feeling puckish, check out her other restaurants in the area as well.

Siena Tavern –Easily one of the most beloved and memorable cheftestants on the show, Fabio Viviani has soared as a chef since his appearance on the show. With his thick, but lovable, Italian accent, he became famous for his pronunciation of the world “burger” and his star hasn’t stopped rising. His 200 seat restaurant, Siena Tavern, has an extensive brunch, lunch, and dinner menu, even offering gluten-free options. He also offers a pizza bar and a crudo bar.

Parachute –Owned and operated by late season nine finalist, Beverly Kim and her husband, this restaurant specializes in Korean American food, cashing in on the fusion trend. A reservation is almost always required, but walk-ins will be tolerated on a case by case basis. It is also recommended that children only accompany your party during the hours of 5-6PM. With menu items like baked potato bing bread and tempura wax beans, you may get to try something here that you’ve never had before. Open your Parachute, you’re in for a food adventure.

If you’re a true food groupie, then you know that many of the Top Chef Masters contestants also call Chicago home and you’ll find some of the best cuisine you can think of in the city. From Rick Bayless’s fine dining approach to Mexican food toTony Mantuano’s classic Italian fare, your belly with be full and your heart happy.