June 12, 2024
Top 10 Halloween Costumes for 2023

Top 10 Halloween Costumes for 2023

It’s that time of year again. Halloween is right around the corner, and that means looking for the top Halloween costumes to show up and show off.

Halloween gives us an excuse to dress up, get into character, and have a night of fun being someone else, or in many cases, something else. If you want to be trendy and wear some of the top costumes of the year, you’ll want to see our list. We’ve got the top ten for you, giving you some great ideas for this Halloween.

Justin and Hailey Bieber Go Rhode and Krispy Kreme

Does it make sense for a beauty brand and a donut brand to collaborate? Sure it does. Krispy Kreme makes some of the best donuts in the market and partnered with Rhode to launch a strawberry-donut-flavored lip balm. The strange part is that the Biebers were over and underdressed for the promotion. Your couple’s costume of the year could be the short dress and heels worn by Hailey and the SpongeBob Crocs and sweatsuit worn by Justin.

Puffy Pope

It might seem creepy or a little sacrilegious, but an AI-generated image of Pope Francis in a puffer jacket, surfaced and it could be the best Halloween Costume of the year. This costume could be easy to pull off if you’ve got the jacket and necklace. Don’t forget the headgear that Pope Francis wears regularly. Add a little creativity and make this costume a hit this year.

Become a Striking Celebrity

Here’s an easy costume that can grab some attention and start some interesting political conversations. All you’ve got to do is wear a SAG-AFTRA tee and carry a protest sign. This makes for an easy costume to pull together and show off at parties during Halloween. The most fun part of this costume might be the people that you annoy with this semi-political message.

Ken and Barbie

The new Barbie movie was a hit and brought back the fun of the Ken and Barbie dolls that have been part of our culture for decades. If you want to enjoy a great couple’s costume and think you and your significant other have the look to pull it off, go for it. Of course, this is one of those Halloween costumes that will take a little bit of work to put together.


Barbie wasn’t the only movie based on a toy/doll figure. M3gan brings our world in conjunction with robots together. During the movie, M3gan does a dance that grabs the attention of many spectators. The costume is pretty easy with white tights, an Americana bow tie, a striped t-shirt, and a shift dress, but you might have to perform the dance, so start practicing now.

Rat with a Suitcase

The mayor of New York City is waging a war on the rat population of the world’s largest city. Although rats are ubiquitous in NYC, the mayor seems pretty serious about getting rid of the vermin. Join in the rat fun with one of the best Halloween costumes of the year by wearing a rat suit and pulling a suitcase along with you.

The Little Mermaid

Expect to see lots of young women dressed in The Little Mermaid costumes this year. This is the latest Disney classic turned from an animated to a live-action movie. The costume is exactly what you expect it to be, and you can easily put this outfit together and be the hit of your next party.

Super Mario Bros

If you thought Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros was a thing of the past, think again. It doesn’t matter which character you choose; one of the Mario Bros costumes will be a huge hit at any party this year. These costumes can be pretty easy to put together for anyone with a little creativity, but most people will likely want to buy a premade costume.

Ninja Warrior

Some costumes are popular because of their timely nature. Most of these will be here today and gone tomorrow. If you want one of the top Halloween costumes year in and year out, dress as a ninja warrior. This costume, much like a witch, devil, Dracula, or ghost, works great every year and can be a huge hit.

Lady Thor

Whether you want to represent womanly power or have a little fun with your make Thor character, Lady Thor is a great costume from the Marvel Universe. The Marvel costumes are always a big hit, whether you’re a kid out for some candy on Halloween or an adult at a party.

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