May 20, 2024
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Top 10 Items for Easy Home Security

There are few things more sacrosanct to a homeowner than the expectation of security and personal safety. A violation of one’s refuge can be jarring, it’s a frightening experience that’s impossible to forget. Fortunately, there are lots of options on the market today that can preserve the sanctity of your home. Below, you’ll find the top 10 items for easy home security.

The cost of many of today’s most popular home security precautions can be prohibitive for a great many people. It all comes down to how safe you feel with what you’ve put in place. It’s nice to know that there are some alternatives that work very well without depleting your savings.

The following list encompasses a blend of security measures that range from sophisticated technical gadgetry to comparatively low-tech, time-honored tools. Ultimately, it’s all about feeling comfortable in your own home using assets that allow you to sleep soundly.

1. Home Security Mainstay

Ring Alarm Pro 8-piece
It has only taken a few years for the Ring Video Door Bell to become a byword for home security. This pioneering system monitors goings on at your home, providing a real-time view of your front porch and residence; you can even use it to frighten off unwanted visitors from your car, work, or other remote location. The Ring Video Door Bell operates through your wifi and is compatible with Alexa, and comes with an array of sensors you can place strategically at key points around your home.

You’ll get a customizable package that comes with an alarm pro base station, four contact sensors, a motion detector, a keypad, and an alarm range extender. It works off WiFi with speeds up to 900 Mbps and a range of up to 1,500 sq ft. Easy installation is always a subjective term, but where the Ring Video Door Bell system is concerned, easy is an accurate description. In fact, everything you need to set it up comes ready to go right in the box.

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2. Plug-and-Play Security

SimpliSafe 8 Piece

The SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System is another plug-and-play solution. With just eight essential components, this is an ideal system for homeowners who don’t own many tools (and who wouldn’t know how to use them if they had them). The signal has a range of up to 1,000 feet without needing an extender and can be purchased with as many as 100 sensors.
The system offers round-the-clock monitoring and Cloud-based recording and puts you in contact with police, fire, and medical responders at a moment’s notice.

Compatibility with your smart home platform means added protection and integrates easily with Google Assistant and Alexa. You can use it on the go, so don’t worry if you forget to arm your system –SimpliSafe technology makes it easy to arm remotely whether you use an Apple Watch, Alexa, or Google. SimpliSafe gives you the option of ordering a five-, seven-, eight-, nine-, 10-or 12-piece system. Installation instructions are simple and show you where each sensor should be placed.

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3. Integrated Electronic Door Lock Fits Right In

Kwikset Electronic Door Lock
With no hub panel or subscription to worry about, the Kwikset Electronic Door Lock with Smartphone Access is an easy-to-operate security system with no complicated external connections (or contract) to worry about.

It is an unobtrusive 3.99 x 4.24 x 9.74 inches that blends in well anywhere in your home. This WiFi-powered touchscreen smart lock interacts directly with your home security system as well as your smartphone. Accessibility is easy for up to 250 users; the whole family and plenty of friends can have their own discrete access user codes. It’s a valuable security asset if you rent out your home or other properties, and the Kwikset app makes it easy to set up user code schedules right from your handheld device. The app even lets you review past usage of the lock and will send notifications whenever the lock is accessed.

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4. Simple but Strong Security

Door Reinforcement Lock

If you’ve ever wondered whether your door would stand up to an areally muscular thief, or a battering ram, you can stop worrying. The Defender Security Door Reinforcement Lock can stand up to 800 pounds of force and frustrate the efforts of the most determined attacker. It’s a reinforced, old-fashioned solution designed to safeguard you and your family.

All you need is a stout screwdriver, a few three-inch screws, and your new Defender Security lock is in place. If you have a swing-in door, you’re protected against break-ins thanks to this remarkable lock’s spring-loaded design. It’s also effective against attempts at lock picking and other tactics would-be thieves often employ. This unit’s performance has earned a near-perfect score from customers who found it not only easy to install but a security upgrade that provides lasting peace of mind.

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5. Everyday Biometrics

Interior Door Lock
It wasn’t that long ago that the term “biometrics” sounded like a term made up by some corporate think tank. Turns out it’s a real thing, indeed, a very important thing for some of the most effective home security products on the market today. That goes for the Smart Fingerprint Door Lock, which uses your unique fingerprint as a means of access.
The device can be unlocked via Bluetooth APP, remote WiFi control, or with a good old-fashioned door key. The unit’s fingerprint sensor module responds in less than a second, and the door can be unlocked remotely from your smartphone, which is also capable of sending real-time notices if the unit is being unlocked. The Smart Fingerprint Door Lock is made of stainless steel and will stay powered for up to 10-12 months, powered by four AAA batteries(a warning light will come on when the unit is close to losing power).

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6. Bad News for Porch Pirates

Porch Package Loxx Boxx

It’s an unhappy feeling when an eagerly expected package is taken right off your front porch in broad daylight. The Loxx Boxx secure delivery strong box is a powerful means of thwarting porch pirates who prowl the neighborhood looking for easy marks. It uses a package carrier’s tracking number to establish a once-only access code.

The Loxx Boxx app creates tracking codes for family and friends for either unlimited or one-time use. The app can provide updates on the delivery status of your packages, from shipment to delivery. You also get a personal dashboard via the app that allows you to view current and recent delivery activity.

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7. Shedding Light on Crime

Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

A study published recently in an industry publication reported that external lighting can reduce crime by nearly 40 percent. That’s the kind of effect that the SANSI LED Motion Sensor Light can have on home security. SANSI’s proprietary technology retains up to 90 percent brightness for up to two years and uses sensor technology to detect ambient motion. Motion mode extends for up to 72 feet and at an angle of 120 degrees. You can also go with a timed mode that turns on your lighting at dusk and deactivates it at dawn, or use a manual control that simply activates external lighting with an “on” switch. The SANSI LED Motion Sensor Light is made of anti-corrosion, flame-retardant material for long-term durability and reliability.

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8. A Good, Solid Stick

Door Security Bar

If you have an external sliding door, you may not feel completely safe without a good solid stick, or bar, to keep the door from being forced open.

The Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar is a heavy-duty obstacle made of 20-gauge steel and a pivoting ball joint that keeps the bar snugly in contact with the door and door jamb.

The adjustable security bar can be adjusted from 27.5 inches to 42 inches, which is compatible with most sliding door structures. It’s easily packed size and weight make it a powerful security tool whether you’re at home or securing a vacation rental facility. In fact, its versatility makes it equally effective on the hinged, patio, and sliding doors.

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9. Sturdy Low Tech

Door Bull Barricade

There’s a lot to be said for a stout barricade when you’re looking for reliable home security at an affordable price. The Door Barricade Lock Out Security Device, which is priced at $49, distributes force evenly throughout your door frame, eliminating that one weak spot that a criminal can use to break through. It’s a cost-effective tool that reinforces the main entry point into your home.

A few metal screws are all it takes to put the Door Bull barricade in place, making it an excellent alternative for homeowners who aren’t up to installing and maintaining more high-tech options.

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10. More Locks, More Security

Door Lock
Sometimes, all you really need is something as simple as an extra lock, something easy to install that adds that extra layer of security. The Portable Home Security Door Locker is inexpensive, portable, and sturdily made with stainless steel and a hard plastic covering. If you’re not handy with tools, don’t worry that installing the Portable Door Lock Home Security Door Locker is too much to handle. At 4.3 x 1.26 x 0.4 inches, and with 0.78-and 1.2-inch holes, this remarkably small yet tough product is portable. It can easily be carried in a handbag, purse, backpack, or suitcase, and it’s the perfect answer if you’ve ever worried that an iffy Airbnb unit or rental cabin isn’t quite up to snuff when it comes to security. If you want to shore things up at home, simply insert the metal piece into the door lock slot and place the handle groove on the stud, and you’ve got robust home security. These 10 simple items for home security fit any budget, are simple to install, and are easy to operate. They’re all tried and true home protection tools, whether you select one that complements your smart home technology or one that is installed with a few twists of a screwdriver.

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