June 12, 2024
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Watch This Toyota Supra GR Drift Autonomously

When it comes to safety, Toyota continues to spare no expense to earn excellent ratings. The newest addition to the Toyota Research Institute’s (TRI) success record is the Toyota Supra GR which can drift all by itself.

TRI released a video of the Toyota GR Supra autonomously sliding around obstacles on a track. Even though someone was in the cockpit to monitor things, the Supra handled the drifting all on its own. Saying this is impressive is a major understatement.

The Technical Side of Things

To achieve this world-first feat, the GR Supra utilizes several advanced technologies.

  • Dual antenna real-time kinematic positioning global navigation satellite system
  • Inertial navigation system
  • Non-linear model predictive controllers
  • An x86 processor

Don’t worry if all of that tech jargon doesn’t make sense. The bottom line is that these pieces of equipment collect data from the Supra’s environment so that the computer can control the steering, throttle, clutch, gearbox, and braking. The result is a car that can automatically handle drifting away to safety.

The End Goal

Toyota isn’t just trying to sell cars. Imagine a future where vehicles keep drivers/passengers safe. This new tech could lead to vehicles literally drifting out of harm’s way.

Think of it like this: when a professional driver encounters wet or slippery roads, they might choose to drift the car through the turn. Sadly, drifting isn’t something covered on most drivers’ exams, and most people behind the wheel aren’t professionals.

By using expert-level driving abilities, drifting technology can help regular drivers better to respond to unsafe road conditions.

Check Out The New Toyota Supra GR

Toyota may have taken a break from building this sports car, but it’s back. More importantly, the Toyota GR Supra is a beacon of modern tech and driving capability. While it’s similar to the BMW Z4 convertible, the GR Supra has a unique personality.

This speedy vehicle is a two-seat sports coupe that comes with a standard 2.0-liter turbocharged engine (255 hp; 295 lb-ft of torque). Drivers can also go for a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 (392 hp; 368 lb-ft).

While this new automatic drifting tech isn’t a part of current GR Supra builds, this sports car comes with plenty of other safety features. Every trim comes with lane-keeping assist, frontal collision warning with automatic emergency braking, and standard cruise control. If you opt for the Safety and Technology package, you also get blind-spot monitoring, parking sensors, and adaptive cruise control.

The Future of Safety

While autonomous drifting is only being tested on the Toyota GR Supra, for now, it’s only a matter of time before this tech is adapted to everyday commuters. Just imagine a world where your can help get you out of a pickle. Fewer accidents, lives saved, and damage avoided: that’s Toyota’s goal.

Keep an eye on your local Toyota dealer or favorite automotive news source to learn more.

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