September 19, 2021
Which MLB Teams are Leading the Power Rankings After Six Weeks

Which MLB Teams are Leading the Power Rankings After Six Weeks

We have six weeks in the books and are ready to take a look at what the MLB power rankings are for this league.

The MLB season is a long one and each week may bring a different story with teams playing games nearly every day. Is your favorite team near the top? If not, what do they need to do to get up where you want them to be?

The Boston Red Sox Have Moved to the Top

We see a dethroning on this list for the first time in a few weeks. The Red Sox find themselves in the top spot after being in the sixth position last week. With a strong record of 22-14, this team is setting up to be strong all year long. Will they make it to the playoffs at the top of their division? We shall see.

Moving into the Second Spot We See the Oakland Athletics

Although the A’s began the season with six losses, they have bounced back and now sit in the second spot. This is a one-position move upward for the team that currentlyholds a 21-15 record. This team is going to face a tough schedule with other strong teams in its division, which will make them tested and strong at the end of the season.

We Find the St. Louis Cardinals in the Third Position

After sweeping a series against the Rockies and having a fantastic record since the middle of April, the Cardinals now carry a 21-14 record. Last week, this team was in the fifth spot in the MLB power rankings but now they have the bronze medal position. Is there a chance the Cardinals make it to the playoffs? It’s a long season and only time will tell.

The Los Angeles Dodgers Fall to Fourth

For several weeks, the Dodgers have been kings of the hill and haven’t been knocked off until now. This team fell four spotsdue to five losses in the last six games. Their record currently sits at 18-17 as they begin to work toward the coveted top spot on this list. Will theymake a push back up or will they continue to slide?

The San Diego Padres are Another Team that Fell

The Padres are expected to challenge the Dodgers for MLB supremacy this season, but they also feel in the MLB power rankings. With a record of 19-16, the Padres slipped three spots after losing a few games they shouldn’t have this past week. Thisis a team that looks like it could be ready to be in the playoffs, but we won’t know that until later in the year.

Moving Up to Sixth We See the San Francisco Giants

Carrying a record of 21-14 through six weeks, the Giants have found their way from the tenth spot to sixth on this list. If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice there are three NL West teams in the top six. This makesthat particular division one of the toughest in the league this year. Will they knock each other off or will a winner emerge?

Continuing to Get Better, the Chicago White Sox are in Seventh

The White Sox have jumped to the lead in the AL Central standings with a record of 19-13. This team was ninth on this list last week and seem to be on the verge of a strong push toward the top. They did suffer a setback with the loss of Luis Robert but are ready to be a team that could be in the playoffs at the end of the year.

The Eighth Spot Goes to the New York Yankees

After a terrible start to the season, theYankees are moving toward the position we expect to see them in at the end of the year. Currently holding an 18-16 record, it was only three weeks ago that this team was five games below .500. Now that some semblance of normalcy has resumed, you might see the Yankees in a much higher spot on this list in upcoming weeks.

The Rest of the MLB Power Rankings Story for Week 6

9. Houston Astros 18-17

10. New York Mets 16-13

11. Cleveland Indians 18-14

12. Milwaukee Brewers 19-16

13. Philadelphia Phillies 18-17

14. Tampa Bay Rays 19-17

15. Toronto Blue Jays 17-16

16. Atlanta Braves 17-17

17. Los Angeles Angels 16-18

18. Cincinnati Reds 16-16

19. Seattle Mariners 18-17

20. Chicago Cubs 17-17

21. Kansas City Royals

22. Texas Rangers 18-19

23. Arizona Diamondbacks 16-19

24. Washington Nationals 13-17

25. Baltimore Orioles 16-19

26. Miami Marlins 15-19

27. Minnesota Twins 12-20

28. Pittsburgh Pirates 14-20

29. Colorado Rockies 12-22

30. Detroit Tigers 10-24