September 20, 2021
World Series Winners–The Champions of the COVID-19 Season

World Series Winners–The Champions of the COVID-19 Season

Congratulations to the World Series winners, the Los Angeles Dodgers who won Game 6 to secure their victory in the World Series.

After a victory in Game 6 of the World Series over the Tampa Bay Rays, the Dodgers finished off an amazing season in which they won 56 games and only lost 22 from the start of the regular season to the finish of the World Series. There’s no doubt the Dodgers were the favorites to come out as Champions from the beginning of the season until the end.

Game 6 Was a Bit Interesting

In 2020, many Major League Baseball managers use advanced analytics to manage the game of baseball. This means they are using historical data, simulated situations, and pure computerized information to make decisions rather than using their own feeling and how a game is going to make choices on what to do during a game. This was certainly the case during Game 6.

Should Blake Snell have Stayed in the Game?

Pitcher Blake Snell was taken out of the game in the sixth inning. As a cornerstone starter for the Tampa Bay Rays, Snell has been a huge part of the success of his team and helped them get to this point in the World Series. Even though he was pitching extremely well, the advanced analytics regarding Snell toll Tampa Bay Rays manager, Kevin Cash, that it was time to take Snell out of the game.

As with any decision that’s made during sports, when the decision a manager or coach makes doesn’t work out, it can be questioned by analysts for several days afterward. There’s no doubt that taking Snell out of a game when he was pitching great, at the time he had only given up one hit in the game and no runs, will be a decision that Kevin Cash will have to answer for several times over.

Was it the Right Decision?

When reviewing the advanced analytics, Blake Snell hasn’t gotten out of the sixth inning in any game since July of 2019. Additionally, the third time through a batting order is typically where any pitcher begins to lose an edge over the hitters. This tells us that taking Snell out at that time was the right choice, but it might be a choice that Cash regrets in the future.

World Series Winners, the Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers have built a team the way you expect a large market baseball team to be created. This team has a massive payroll and several stars in the lineup and on the mound. From the start of the season on through the final out of Game 6, the Los Angeles Dodgers were destined to be World Series winners and come out on top.

A Twist Occurred for the Dodgers During Game 6

While all baseball teams in the playoffs entered a COVID-19 bubble situation before the playoffs began, testing was still taking place daily for all players on each team. While the MLB hadn’t experienced a positive test in several days, one player did show up with a positive test in Game 6. Justin Turner of the Dodgers was found to be positive and informed in a strange way.

The Test Done the Wrong Way

While the COVID-19 test for Justin Turner was certainly administered properly, the notification and timing of the positive test results were odd and certainly not within the MLB planning. In the most 2020 way, that things could happen this year, Turner was notified in the dugout late in Game 6 of theWorld Series that he had tested positive and would need to be removed from the game.

COVID-19 Bookends the Baseball Season

From the first game of the year in which Juan Soto of the Washington Nationals was kept out due to a positive COVID-19 test to the final World Series game in which Justin Turner wasn’t informed until late in the game and then removed from the game in the eighth inning, COVID-19 has been part of the baseball season. This virus found its way into this sport many times over, but baseball endured and came out with a winner.

Congratulations to the World Series Winners, the Los Angeles Dodgers

The World Series winners, the Los Angeles Dodgers were able to celebrate their win and enjoy the fun of finishing a season on top for the first time in 32 years. Yes, it’s been since 1988 that Los Angeles has had a baseball championship. It seems LA is the City of Champions during the COVID-19 year with the Lakers winning the NBA Championship earlier this month and now the Dodgers finishing on top o the MLB world.