June 12, 2024
Your 2023 Bucket List Can Help You Try New Things

Your 2023 Bucket List Can Help You Try New Things

Typically, a bucket list is made of things you want to do before you die. Many of us make them and then forget about what we’d really like to experience.

What would you put on your list if you only had this year to live? Instead of planning for a longer time period that might not come for many years, plan for this year. An annual bucket list can help you do new and fun things every year without thinking about those big items on your end-of-life list.

Here are ten great items to put on this year’s list.

1. Is it time to change your look

Have you sported the same haircut, clothing style, and appearance for several years? This is the year that all changes. If you’ve always had short hair, see what you look like if you grow it out. If you’ve always had a clean-shaven face, grow a beard or mustache. If you normally dress casually, class it up a bit and see how you feel. Changing your look can be a small step toward a different way of feeling about yourself.

2. Try a new restaurant this month and every month

Most of us have some favorite places we go to regularly, which is fine. Some have the same order that they place at the same restaurants every time they visit. Although there’s nothing wrong with this, you might find some new favorites by going to a new restaurant this month. In fact, if you’re looking for some great date-night ideas, a new restaurant each month can be a fun way to explore your town. Add this to your bucket list for the year.

3. It’s time for new food or drink

There’s more to life than chicken fingers. Is it time to expand your palette and try something you haven’t eaten before? You won’t truly know whether or not you like things until you try them. Sometimes the best thing to do is close your eyes and point at something. Whatever you land on will be your food or drink for the evening. If you don’t like it, you’ll know and will be able to check it off your list. The most important thing is to continue to try new things and embrace the possibilities.

4. This is the year you learn to cook new things

You might have some items that you know you like to cook, but there are various ways to cook the items you love to eat. If you enjoy eating beef, chicken, or fish, learn to cook it in a different way and see how you like it. Another way to get adventurous with this is to cook something you’ve never tried before. This can be a great bucket list item, and you might find a new favorite dish to enjoy.

5. Create your own unique new drink

You don’t have to like cocktails to come up with something new and special. All you need is to have some flavors you like that can be put together and become your new favorite drink. Try some new fruits in a smoothie, or see what happens when you mix different types of alcohol together. Most mixed drinks are nothing more than experiments; perform some of your own.

6. This is a great year to try a new hobby

Is there something you’ve always wanted to try but never have? If so, you’ll want to add this item to your 2023 bucket list. Don’t waste a lot of time waiting to figure out if you can do something new; get started right away. There are all kinds of great hobby ideas that you can enjoy, some of which don’t take a lot of time or energy every week. You could grow a small garden, learn to sew, brew your own beer, or do something you never got to do as a kid. With tons of great hobbies out there, you’ll find something fun.

7. Challenge yourself and complete that challenge

Do you have a savings plan? How is that going? Are there some life skills you want to learn? Are you carrying some extra weight that you want to lose? We’re already far enough away from the New Year for a resolution to make you feel like a failure. Reset your mind and start the challenge that you want to begin at the start of the year. It’s time for you to see where your challenge goes and what you do to complete it.

8. Read at least one book

Some people try to read at least one book every month, but that might be a little too ambitious for you. One of your bucket list items should be to read a book this year. When was the last time you read a book just for your own enjoyment? You can get a lot out of this activity and read for enjoyment. You’ll be glad to experience the world inside a book. Maybe next year you can try to read two books during the year.

9. Enjoy touring a new place, even a local one

Are there hiking trails in your town that you’ve never walked on? Is there a guided tour with the history of the town? Does your city offer a haunted beer crawl or a fun tour that can teach you something about where you live? A tour of your own town can be a great way to learn more about the history and life of the city before you came around.

10. Visit somewhere new this year

Have you ever taken the train to the next town over? Is there something nearby you’ve always wanted to see? Are you thinking about taking a road trip to one of the coasts? Put a trip on your bucket list for 2023 and make it happen. Visit somewhere that you’ve always wanted to go and see. This is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy what’s offered.

What items will make it onto your bucket list for 2023? These ten are a good start, but there are many other ways to enjoy some cool new stuff this year.

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