September 19, 2021
Cars at the Woodward Dream Cruise - Twenty Miles of Glory

Cars at the Woodward Dream Cruise – Twenty Miles of Glory

When someone asks you where the automotive industry began in the US the immediate thought is Detroit, MI.  Even today the three major brands that have been part of the US automotive market for over a century are referred to as the “Detroit Three” which tells us just how important this city was in the development cars in the US.  Every year a large gathering takes place for the drive from Detroit to Pontiac along Woodward Avenue to show off the creations offered by those who love their cars.  This Woodward Dream Cruise offers some of the most interesting cars to look at, here are just a few of them:

Volkswagen Beetle Dune Buggy – This car shows up with a higher stance and studded tires to be an off-road brute that you’d love to drive.  The lifted suspension and built up engine are just part of the fun as the exhaust shoots up vertically from the rear in a car that looks like it would tear up the dunes and flatlands of any dessert on the planet.

Pontiac GTO Convertible – You’ll have to look twice at this car because you’ll see a look that isn’t anything ever built in the past.  Where this guy was in the early days, GM might have wanted to but this conglomeration together which is obviously a Camaro with a Pontiac GTO front end on it and it’s seamlessly built to look sharp and invoke desire.

1968 AMC Javelin – Not many cars along the Dream Cruise will make you feel as patriotic as this gorgeous muscle car from the American Motor Company.  Decked out in red, white and blue and adorned with a number to make it appear to be an early style NACAR racer this is a car that looks great and brings back feeling of nostalgia.

1953 Ford F-100 – This old Ford pickup appears to be unfinished, but that might be the idea.  This truck is riding low to the ground and may even scrape some areas, but its powered right and is probably one of the fastest version of this truck still on the roads today.  This old and rusted look might be exactly what the owner was going for with the thought of a little deception.

1941 Chevy Coupe – While this doesn’t look like the coupe that rolled off the line at the factory, it’s an excellent example of what car guys like to do to their classic machines.  This car has been chopped reworked and rebuilt to be a car that looks like a lot of fun to drive as it rides around on wide rear tires and shows off a blower peeking out of the hood.

1932 Ford Roadster – Wit the sides removed and the top down there aren’t many better-looking cars than this one.  As the quintessential hot rod, the is a car that everyone can admire as it roars around on Woodward Avenue.  Under the hood there is a small block Chevy engine, which is a bit of sacrilege, but who cares?

1950-ish Chevy Panel Truck – This slick truck is one that has been done right and painted to look like a speedster.  Whether your grandparents owned one of these impressive trucks or you just love the look of a vehicle that used a lot of steel in the build during the early days of raw power, this is a truck that captures your attention.

Ford Thingamabob – There are so many different aspects to this car that it’s hard to decide where to look.  The front appears to be a lowered Ford hot rod from a bygone era and the chassis is unmistakably a Ford with some transverse leaf springs to help give this car the right drive and feel as it makes it way down Woodward.

1954 Chevrolet – This impressive car is one that went a direction that we wouldn’t expect but certainly admire.  Under the hood, you find an inline six-cylinder engine instead of the V8 that typical trends that area under the hood.  This engine is made even better with the dual carburetor intake manifold and finned Offenhauser valve covers to make this a gorgeous engine bay.

1933 Ford Coupe – This list wouldn’t be complete without this car that was one of the most stunning to drive down the Avenue.  This beauty offers you a completely dressed up look with the large rear tires that can be raced on.  The exposed engine bay and flames running down the side make this an imposing beast you want to see on the track.