January 16, 2021
Detroit Auto Show is Getting Warmer and is Moving to June

Detroit Auto Show is Getting Warmer and is Moving to June

Previously we discussed the fact that the Detroit Auto Show would likely be moving to a different time of year because of two major factors; competing with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and the winter cold. The plan is to not only move the show to a different time of year when it can be warmer but to also rename it from the North American International Auto Show to let us know this is the auto show that’s held in Detroit every year. The official announcement will be made later this month, but warmer is certainly the main goal.

When Will The Detroit Auto Show Be Held?

The 2019 version of the Detroit Auto Show won’t change dates or venues because too much has already gone into it, but the show that will be held in 2020 could be moved to June. This is one month that’s being considered and not a bad choice at all considering the warmer weather and the lack of other shows that are going on during that time. The Detroit Auto Dealers Association is planning the official announcement of the date, but it appears this group has been lobbying to have the show in June starting in 2020.

While the date isn’t set in stone yet, and October has also been considered, the advantage to a June show would be the ease of setting up and offering outdoor attractions. This could truly make the Detroit Auto Show one that features Detroit to show off the revitalization the city has been enjoying in recent years. This also would allow the show to be offered after the New York Auto Show which takes place in April every year and add another busy event to what the city experiences with the Belle Isle Grand Prix that involves Detroit with Windsor, Ontario.

Bringing Back Automakers

As the hub of the automotive industry in the US, Detroit is the place where we want to have a show that’s a huge success. It seems to be a piece of Americana that should be honored and enjoyed. Many automakers have decided not to attend the 2019 show because of the dates, the completion with Las Vegas, and the weather. If it were to be moved to the summer months in the future, these automakers would be willing to return to the show and bring vehicles to be admired.

Ford has urged the organizers to take a page out of the book from the Goodwood Festival of Speed and offer a summer shows that features events such as a hill climb, supercar runs, and a moving auto show that can offer a parade through the city. These are all events that aren’t possible during a winter show in Detroit. The June date seems to be a serious slam dunk for the Detroit Auto Show; now we just need to figure out what the official new name will be for this show that will take place in the Motor City.