September 19, 2021
Mercedes-Benz AMG S 63 is a Rocket on Wheels

Mercedes-Benz AMG S 63 is a Rocket on Wheels

There are times when the power under the hood turns a car into a rocket. One of those times is now with the new Mercedes-Benz AMG S 63 that’s offered to make sure we can have a car that’s ready to take on the track with incredible power and style that will ensure you’ve got an excellent drive. Not only is this an amazing car for the drive, but it’s also one that has the practicality of a sedan that provides you with the quality your family will love while you drive as fast as you want.

The Items that are Right for You

Strangely Less than Square

The 4.0-liter AMG V8 engine under the hood of this Mercedes-Benz is one that’s a bit unusual. The bore is less than the stroke, which means it’s less than a square. This typically offers you more torque at lower engine speeds to improve the thermal efficiency you’re going to admire and the ability to reach up to the redline of 7,000 rpm to let this rocket ride down the road.

It’s Seriously Fast

The AMG S 63 is a heavy car, tipping the scales at around 4,800 pounds. Even so, this Mercedes-Benz can reach sixty mph in only 3.4 seconds, which is absolutely amazing. This car is faster than the model that has the V12 engine under the hood, which seems as if the brand will need to make changes to that version. The top speed of 186 mph allows you to know you can drive fast.

A Tax Exemption

Most of the cars in the same class as this one require you to pay a gas-guzzler tax, but this isn’t one of those cars. The combined fuel mileage is 20 mpg, which isn’t stellar but it’s enough to avoid the tax. The engine makes use of cylinder deactivation, engine stop-start, and an excellent nine-speed automatic transmission to help you have the fuel mileage to avoid this tax.

A Racing Feature

The Race Start feature of the AMG S 63 allows you to reach the speed you want as fast as you want to. This feature is easy to access by making sure the car is warmed up and in either Sport or Sport+ mode. All you have to do is stand on the brake pedal, pus the accelerator to the floor, and let the brake go. Hang on for the speed that you want to admire and enjoy.

Several Driving Modes

There are four driving modes offered in this AMG model. These are Comfort, Sport, Sport+, and Individual. The last mode allows you to adjust the different vehicle parameters to have a mode that’s to your liking. The Comfort model does allow you to have improved fuel mileage when you drive to make it easy for you to have the drive you want and enjoy what this car offers.

A Concert in Your Car

There’s a Burmester High-End 3D Sound System that can be added to this Mercedes-Benz and you’re going to love what it happens to offer. With this system in place, you’ll have more than 1,500 watts of power and 24 speakers to give you the sounds you’re looking for throughout the car. Add this feature and truly turn your AMG S 63 into a concert hall you’re sure to love.

Massive Sunroof for this Mercedes-Benz

If you want the ability to look up and out the roof of the car to enjoy the sky during the day or at night, the S 63 has a massive sunroof that tilts and slides for you. There’s also an optional Magic Sky Control with a variety of transparent glass panels that go from dark to light with the push of a button. This is certainly an excellent trick for you to enjoy when you drive this car.

Comfort You expect

There’s a ton of adjustability in this car to ensure you’re going to be able to enjoy the smooth feeling and the comforts offered in this cabin. Your family will be glad you chose this car when they get in and feel the seats, see the dashboard, and admire the qualities offered. Of course, the seats are heated, even the armrest are heated in this car.

Power Operations Where You Want Them

The lighting system offered can shine up to 64 different colors for you with three zones of adjustability. There’s also a perfume injection system that can offer you a bit of a fresh smell whenever you want it to. The three rear sunshades are all power operated to give you the shade you want and let your passengers enjoy the ride.

Passengers Enjoy the Ride

Often, the rear seat is a place that feels like an afterthought in a car. The Mercedes AMG S 63 doesn’t leave out the passengers at all. There’s a refrigerator center console in the back and a pair of large screens to offer the entertainment desired. There’s even a reclining function in the rear seats which also heat, cool, and recline for your passengers’ pleasure.