August 15, 2022

10 Lake Towns to Visit in the United States

Are you living near some of the best lake towns in the United States where you can take your boat and enjoy a relaxing vacation? Sitting by the waterfront on a summer evening as the water laps the shoreline is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing nighttime activities. Of course, a town situated by a lake also gives you the culture and atmosphere of the area to make sure you can enjoy the experience of spending time near the lakefront. Whether you want to rent a lake house or enjoy a long weekend by the lake, here are some great places to go.

Head to a Northeastern Vacation in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Wolfeboro is situated on Lake Winnipesaukee and is one of the best places to go when you want to enjoy a quiet getaway near the lake. The town is nestled up to the lake which covers 72 square miles of water area for you to admire and enjoy This is a great place to go when you want to enjoy boating, swimming, cruising, fishing, and the various activities offered in the town.

Greensboro, Georgia is the Place to Go in the South

After you’ve spent all week stuck in an office in Atlanta, you’ll want to enjoy one of the most charming lake towns in the country. The town of Greensboro is right next to Lake Oconee which covers 19,000 acres. There are many golf courses, rental properties, and upscale dining opportunities around this area. This is a posh lake area to enjoy when you want a high-class vacation in the southern part of the country.

Visit an Actual Town on a Lake at Bayview, Idaho

Can a village be an actual floating town on a lake? Yes, Bayview is a floating village situated on Lake Pend Oreille between the southern shores and the foothills of the nearby Mountains. This gives you an island feel to enjoy when you visit this town. This little town is home to a large 4,000-acre park called Farragut State Park which is a great place for hiking and spotting wildlife in the area. Enjoy the amazing shoreline and the water-themed activities of this amazing little town.

Take a Trip to the Finger Lates Region of New York and Visit Aurora

Aurora, New York is one of the best lake towns in the state and it sits on Cayuga Lake which is one of the largest of the 11 Finger Lakes. This area is known for wine, hiking trails, and gorgeous scenery. All of these things go together well when you’re ready to spend some time enjoying a lakeside vacation with some of the finer things in life. This area is easily one of the most enjoyable places for you to visit.

Enjoy an Old Western Theme in Bigfork, Montana

Flathead Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes west of the Mississippi River with 200 square miles of water. Along the shoreline, you’ll find the town of Bigfork, Montana which offers an old Western resort feel to the town. There’s a growing arts scene in this town and many hiking trails along the lake making it possible for you to have a great time exploring the area around the lake where you’ll find wildlife and plenty of amazing activities.

Spend Your Disney Vacation in Nearby Clermont, Florida

The town of Clermont, Florida is only thirty minutes outside of Orlando which means you can enjoy one of the most impressive lake towns when you head to the heart of Florida for your Disney vacation. This town sits on Lake Minneola which offers some amazing waterfront activities for you and your family to enjoy. This means you could offer something for everyone between the commercialism of Disney and the quiet calm of this lake and the small town next to it.

Stay Away from the Tourist Crowd at South Lake Tahoe, California

While nearby Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular places in California and Nevada to enjoy some time, South Lake Tahoe offers similar attractions but isn’t quite as commercialized. This is a great little town where you can rent boats, enjoy fine dining, experience the fun of water skiing, and take part in several water activities. You’ll find a five-star resort where you can enjoy the pampering you desire.

Find An Active Scene in Lakeway, Texas

Lake Travis is located just outside Austin, Texas and Lakeway is a small town situated next to this incredible lake. Lakeway offers you amazing resorts and spas, barbeque, and Tex-Mex food, along with some amazing activities. This is easily one of the best small lake towns that you’ll find and a great place for you to visit when you’re ready for a vacation. You can head 30 minutes to Austin for the large city life if you want while you’re spending your vacation in Lakeway.

Enjoy the Small Town of Charlevoix, Michigan Located Along Lake Michigan

The little town of Charlevoix is the ideal place to go when you want a quiet setting next to Lake Michigan. The five miles of shoreline at Fisherman’s Island State Park and Beach is a popular place to spend time and enjoy the beach setting while enjoying a lake located inland of the oceans. Go to this impressive little town and tour some of the farms in the area and spend time in one of the hotels or Inns that offer you the quiet charm of the town.

You’ll Love the Views Found at White Lake, North Carolina

The town of White Lake is named the same as the neighboring body of water and it’s a popular place for water sports including swimming, boating, tubing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, and water skiing. There’s also an amusement park in the town and an 18-hole golf course nearby. This is one of the lake towns in America that offers you the entire lake feeling you want along with all of the waterfront activities you can enjoy during a vacation or summer at the lake.

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