January 24, 2022
Bored? Host a Murder Mystery Dinner Party!

Bored? Host a Murder Mystery Dinner Party!

If you’re looking to play detective, and also have a tasty meal with your friends, it’s time to host a murder mystery dinner party.

Let’s face it- humans are a little obsessed with murder. Agatha Christie, the author of famous mystery novels like And Then There Were None and Murder on the Orient Express, is one of the bestselling authors of all time. Fictional shows like Criminal Minds and Law and Order draw millions of viewers, while we simultaneously make true-crime documentaries about serial killers and famous murderers. And a new, trendy social activity incorporates the murder aspect as well- although you don’t have to do it for real!

The All-Important Set-Up

Before you can jump right into enjoying your meal and solving the murder, there’s a little bit of research and a few preliminary tasks the host has to do first. First, even though it seems like a niche and rare product to create, there are many different scripts, sets, and kits that set up a murder mystery dinner party that you can choose from. They cover a wide variety of settings, characters, and themes. Additionally, some are free, while some cost money, so make sure to take that into account when perusing the different mysteries out there.

The next thing to do is to create your guest list. Pay attention, because these murder mystery dinner party sets have a specific number of characters that can be played. If you have a larger group that you’d like to play with, try to find a set with a higher number of characters. Take a look at the characters and their biographies, then assign a character to each of your guests.

The Invitation

Another very important responsibility of the host that is done before the dinner party begins is to send out the invitations with all the pertinent information. The guests will know where and when the dinner party is taking place, but more importantly, will get information bout their assigned character, that character’s personality, and the background for the overall story and murder. Guests are encouraged to dress and act like their character, and the more they get into the story, the more fun you’ll all have!

Up until now, the set-up has revolved around the murder and the story. But don’t forget about the dinner party! On the invitation, ask each guest to bring an appetizer, entrée, dessert, or side. If you are throwing the murder mystery dinner party around a specific holiday or theme, like Halloween or Christmas, feel free to specify that, too.

What Exactly Happens at a Murder Mystery Dinner Party?

So you’ve chosen your murder mystery, sent our your invitations, and your guests have arrived for the party. What happens next?

The Dinner

When exactly you choose to engage in the dinner party part of the evening is pretty much up to you; some people prefer to do an introduction, then have dinner, and then carry on with the rest of the investigation. Others prefer to have dinner before they start the murder mystery at all, and still, others like to eat throughout the whole night.

The Investigation

Some of the kits that you may have chosen will have an assigned murderer, but some will have the participants draw their role out of a hat when they arrive for the party. For the investigation, in most of the murder mystery packs, specific clues and information will be given to each participant that will be for their eyes only. Some packages will have responses to questions that differ based on guilt or innocence or will say to only reveal certain pieces of information. Just make sure you follow the directions given in the packages. Determining who the murderer is, depends on both the clues that are revealed and the acting talent of the guests.

Most of the murder mystery packages take a couple of hours to work through the investigation, toss out theories, and make a final accusation. After you’ve thought long and hard about the clues, see if you got the murderer correct!

Finding something fun and unique to do with your friends can be difficult. But if having dinner and simultaneously finding out which one of your guests is a murderer sounds like fun to you, then throwing a murder mystery dinner party could be the perfect next activity.