August 15, 2022
How and Why Did Squid Game Get So Popular?

How and Why Did Squid Game Get So Popular?

The most popular streaming show in the world is Squid Game. This Netflix phenomenon has taken our entertainment time and energy by storm.

The show was released on Netflix on September 17, and it has quickly become the most popular non-English-language show in the world, and it continues to gain viewers every day. This show has a lot of what many viewers are looking for in entertainment, and it certainly can capture your attention and will not let it go until the very end.

What’s the Premise of the Show?

The show features a large group of indebted contestants that are competing to win a massive prize that’s worth nearly $38 million. There are hundreds of contestants, and only one person can win the ultimate prize; the rest pay the ultimate price by losing their lives. The show features a series of children’s games that are played by these participants.

The idea of the show is simple enough; a survival show with death and grotesque competition that can become extremely violent. The fact that children’s games are being used makes it that much more interesting and entertaining for us to view and consume.

Remember the Tiger King?

If you’re thinking, “why on Earth would anyone want to watch such a show,” just remember the popularity of the Tiger King when we were all stuck at home with very little to watch. Many of us had no problem watching the way relationships were shattered and pushed into desperation when this show was on. It seems we love to consume shows that put people in peril and play with our emotions. You can bet Squid Game will do just that, and you’ll wonder if something so awful could actually be created for the entertainment of those the participants are indebted to.

A Huge Social Media Following has Been Formed

Squid Game has been viewed on TikTok more than 22.8 billion times. With only seven billion people on the planet, that tells you that some people have watched this show multiple times. Social media users can’t stop talking about this show, which has dominated the content of younger viewers with memes and TikTok videos that have been shared many times over. Let’s cover some of the reasons why this show has become so popular.

This Show is Unique and the Word Got Out

The old saying is that word-of-mouth advertising is the best form of advertising for anything. If your friends are enjoying something, you might as well. Social media is the largest word-of-mouth vehicle in the world and it’s an easy way to get the message out that something new and interesting is available to enjoy.

This new show is extremely unique, which is part of why the message spread so quickly. The originality of this product makes it something that we want to see, especially when we’re tired of the same old storylines from the same companies. Not only is this show one that is unique, as long as a household has a Netflix account, they can also watch and enjoy this show. Netflix offers subtitles in 3 languages to make it easy for those who don’t speak Kore to watch this show and enjoy the entertainment value it offers.

Everything Becomes a Meme

We’ve seen memes made from just about every embarrassing and unusual circumstance we can find. There isn’t much privacy outside of our own homes these days, and even that is questionable, especially if you have kids with smartphones. Squid Games is a show that’s filled with content that can easily be turned into fodder for memes and shared across a variety of social media platforms within minutes.

Some of the children’s games featured in this show have been replicated and put into videos that are shared on Twitter and TikTok to create memes and funny situations that allow viewers to feel like they’re experiencing some of what the show has to offer. If you remember some of the challenges that have been shared on social media, you’ll see that this new Netflix show presents some fun opportunities for many people to create challenges for each other.

Non-English Shows are Becoming More Popular

Netflix has had some non-English hit shows before Squid Games ever was offered. Both Lupin and Money Heist were originally filmed in other languages, and both offer English dubs of the shows. Other shows that are Netflix originals have been popular with viewers, including Bridgerton, and The Witcher, are extremely popular originals from this streaming service. Both of these shows are English-language shows but tell us that viewers are looking for fresh, original content to watch.

Nothing has been as popular as this new show featuring children’s games that can end in death and intense violence during the show. This show has been viewed by a massive variety of people, some of whom have viewed it several times or at least shared it with their friends a few times to help build a following for a show that wasn’t originally thought to be one that would be popular in the US.

Korean Entertainment has Built a Huge Following

Whether it’s a fad or the younger generations are truly going to continue to consume Korean entertainment at a rate that is unheard of, there’s no denying the fact that Korean entertainment has become extremely popular around the world, especially in the US, K-Pop groups have massive fan bases in this country, and the popularity continues to grow.

The fact that Korean pop music groups have such rabid followings in English-speaking countries only speaks to a logical following for Squid Games. While the following might be logical, the extreme popularity of this show speaks to the content and the presentation of the show, which has become one of the biggest hits in the streaming world.

If you’re looking for something interesting to watch or want to know what all the fuss is about, check out Squid Games for yourself and see if this show doesn’t suck you in and keep you interested.

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