March 4, 2021

Calm Down –Take Up Crochet!

We could all do with some stress relief in our increasingly complicated lives, and there are tons of activities out there -from meditation to yoga –that can help you relax and achieve a sense of peace. But have you ever thought of taking up crochet to calm down?

New Study Shows Crochet makes you Happy and Calm

A new study by two Australian doctors at the University of Wollongong shows crochet can indeed make you happier and calmer. Dr. Pippa Burns and Dr. Rosemary Van Der Mer surveyed thousands of people and discovered 90 percent of participants felt calmer when they crocheted, and 82 percent reported that the activity made them happier. Also, 70 percent of the people involved in the study claimed it improved their memory.

Crochet = Mindfulness

And why is the craft of crocheting so relaxing and beneficial? Well according to experts mindfulness plays a key role. Crochet requires patience, concentration, and creativity. The process itself involves creating fabric –to make anything from garments to toys -by using a crochet hook to interlock loops of yarn or thread.

You have to follow a pattern, count stitches, and complete repetitive motions, so it does require focus, but you also get into a rhythm. And once you get the hang of it, you can crochet while watching TV or having a conversation with a friend. My mother’s a pro, and can read a book, crochet and have a conversation at the same time –while still creating masterpieces! And the best thing is, apparently crocheting is relatively easy to learn, although I’m yet to master it.

Crochet Used for Therapy

Many have touted crochet’s benefits, especially for anxiety, depression, and other debilitating conditions such as dementia, and some counselors at the American Counseling Association recommend it as a therapeutic activity for patients.“Being aware that crocheting can provide positive benefits may encourage people to take up the hobby as a self-care strategy,” Dr. Burns was quoted as saying on

Make all your Gifts!

Just think –you can make a scarf, hat, and sweater and at the same time feel calm and relaxed. And when you get really good at it, think of all the gifts you can make for family and friends. There are so many fun patterns and ideas out there to create. It’s a win-win–not only will you make yourself happy, but bring joy to others as well. So, what are you waiting for? Go buy a hook and some yarn, and get busy relaxing!