July 24, 2021
Gods Garage

Former Texas Pastor Opens Free Auto Shop For Women

News coverage in these troubled times tends to focus on the negative, so when a heartwarming story of someone’s benevolence starts circulating (or re-circulating!) it’s not only inspirational but a relief to hear good people still exist out there.

One such story that’s been making the social media rounds is about a former Texas pastor who decided to open a free auto shop for women, who are, in his words, “short on money and long on car troubles.”

Car trouble? We’ve all been there!

Who hasn’t experienced problems with their vehicles! It’s frustrating, inconvenient, and worst of all, expensive. But imagine if you couldn’t afford to fix your car and were left with no mode of transportation. In many places, especially rural areas, a car is a necessity-how else would you get to work? And on top of that, we’ve all heard stories about dishonest auto mechanics and car dealerships trying to take advantage of women and up-charging their services.“Pastor Chris” Williams had witnessed many single moms and widows in his community, struggling because of the high costs of buying and maintaining a car, and he wanted to find a way to help them.

Mother and Child Stranded in the Rain

And it all came to a head one rainy night back in 2012, when he was driving home from church in Montgomery, Texas, and spotted a mother and child walking along a busy highway in the downpour. He pulled over to offer them a ride and asked why they were out in such nasty weather. Turns out their car had been in the shop for months and they couldn’t afford to get it repaired. And that spurred him to make his dream of opening a free garage, a reality.

God’s Garage is born!

So a few months later, Williams, then a children’s pastor, managed to borrow money and raise enough funds to create God’s Garage -a non-profit auto repair service focusing on helping single moms, widows, and wives of deployed military members. And now, every afternoon volunteers show up at God’s Garage to work their magic, using parts purchased through donations or given away by local auto businesses. The organization also receives donations of old cars, which are renovated and given to grateful ladies –which is often a life-changing gift for the recipients!

Fixing cars for free!

“I know what it’s like to be short on money and long on car troubles,” said Williams, who’s now made this venture his life’s mission. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve prayed that my car would start in the morning so I could get to work.”

And since God’s Garage opened its doors, Williams and his group of about 12 rotating volunteers, has repaired more than 200 cars for free and given away at least 100 restored vehicles to women in need. An inspiring story indeed!