September 19, 2021
Activities for Coronavirus Quarantine

Best Activities for the Coronavirus Quarantine

The NBA suspended their season, as did MLS and the NHL. March Madness was cancelled, followed by the closing of churches across the United States, Disneyworld and Disneyland, and Broadway theaters. In Ohio, Michigan, and Maryland, all schools and even some restaurants have been closed for weeks, all because of coronavirus. With no sporting events to watch and hardly anywhere to go, Americans are struggling to find the best ways to entertain themselves. But even with all the dramatic changes and disruption of daily life, there are still many ways to keep from going stir-crazy, ways to keep yourself entertained and distracted from fears that have developed with all the talk of Coronavirus. Here are the best activities for the Coronavirus quarantine to distract and entertain.

Read a Book or Do a Puzzle

You know that miles-high stack of books you’ve been wanting to get to for the past year? You know how you keep telling yourself that if you just had a bit of time, you’d be able to dive right in and start reading? Then all this talk of quarantine and cancellation of events just might be some kind of blessing in disguise for you. There are dozens of good books and series that fall into many categories just begging for you to crack them open. Not feeling the apocalyptic, science fiction genre thanks to the coronavirus? Why not try a summer romance, a self-help book, a memoir or autobiography, or a historical fiction novel? Reading not only helps a person dive into another world and forget many of their own problems, but books tell amazing stories and allow a person to learn so much. Books don’t need battery recharges, and with the diversity in literature today, boredom is far from imminent. Puzzles are also a great, screen-less option, and there are so many kinds to try. Jigsaw puzzles are great, as are other logical puzzles, like crosswords, word searches, sudoku, and more. Additionally, journaling and scrapbooking are activities that work great to pass the time, activities that also relieve stress and remind many of simpler times.

TV Shows, Movies, and Documentaries

Coronavirus likely doesn’t mean that the power will go out, so if you aren’t tired of screens,watching a TV show, movie, or documentary is always an entertainment option, as well, whether that means restarting a beloved series like The Office, or Friends, or starting a brand new series on Netflix, cable, or another streaming platform. The same goes for movies, which could be light, nostalgic films, suspenseful action movies, or a cozy romance. There are dozens of documentaries out on streaming services and on live TV that cover a wide range of subjects interesting to people all around the country. On Netflix, The Pharmacist covers the opioid epidemic in Louisiana, and Miss Americana discusses the amazing career of Taylor Swift. On HBO, McMillions talks about the Monopoly scam McDonald’s ran for years. And on Disney+, National Geographic has developed many programs about our amazing world. So go ahead and sit down on the couch, grab the remote and a bowl of popcorn, and immerse yourself in whatever show or movie you please.

Don’t Give Up on Learning

You may still be in school, or been out of it for decades, but that doesn’t mean you have to grind your entire life to a halt. Students will still be learning through technology and online programs, but adults can keep busy, too. Programs like Duolingo can teach a person a new language, as can many CD tracks and books. Coronavirus has caused a lot of awful things to happen, but it could provide the opportunity for you to perfect a skill you’ve always wanted to learn. Knitting, sewing, playing an instrument or cooking a specific dish are just some examples. Always been interested in history? Focus on a specific period of time that intrigues you, and research it. Have you been wanting to learn how to do a French braid on your hair? Watch a tutorial online and get to braiding. Turn to your interests and hobbies, even if they might have been limited by coronavirus restrictions, and don’t let the illness steal all your joy.

With so many worries, fears, and questions permeating the country right now, it is very important to continue to keep life as normal as possible. This is becoming harder and harder, but there are still many ways to keep entertained and to push away boredom during quarantine, as well as to remain optimistic in the wake of this crisis.