January 24, 2022
GeoWizard is One of YouTube’s Most Interesting Rising Stars

GeoWizard is One of YouTube’s Most Interesting Rising Stars

GeoWizard, who is actually a British man named Tom Davies, incorporates geography through videos in a variety of different formats.

YouTube is home to a number of videos: pranks, trick shots, music videos, and billions of others. What you don’t so often see on YouTube are videos about geography. But the growing popularity of a creator called GeoWizard may change that.  Whether it’s exploring the world in person, or online using Google Earth, he is making
strides on YouTube, and gaining lots of interested followers along the way.

Incredible GeoGuessr Skills

The vast majority of GeoWizard’s videos revolve around an online game called GeoGuessr. GeoGuessr utilizes data and images collected by Google Maps to drop players somewhere in the world. Utilizing only the clues around them, such as signs, foliage, and people, players must find out where in the world they are. While there are some locations on GeoGuessr that are easy to solve, such as in the middle of the city, GeoWizard uses his extensive knowledge
of geography all around the world to earn perfect scores on even the most deserted of roads.

He consistently earns high scores, even pulling off 25,000 points, a perfect score. Having all this knowledge is impressive enough, but what’s even more amazing is that sometimes, he doesn’t even move. In many of his videos, the YouTuber will adjust settings so that he cannot move, pan around the scene, or even zoom in. And yet, even with these restrictions, GeoWizard typically makes a great guess. Watching GeoWizard play GeoGuessr is
fascinating, and educational, too.

Fascinating Geo Detective Skills

In addition to his GeoGuessr videos, GeoWizard has another series that allows him to interact with his viewers and explore the world online. Fans can send in pictures of themselves anywhere in the world, and GeoWizard will use Google, his own knowledge, and Google Earth to pinpoint their exact location. Using only the clues in the picture, GeoWizard must research, infer, and examine the maps until he can find exactly where the people are. Geo Detective builds upon GeoGuessr but allows fans to get in on the action.

Epic Straight-Line Missions

GeoWizard spends a lot of time examining the world on his computer screen, but he also travels a lot in person. GeoWizard documents these travels on YouTube, but some of his trips have a unique twist: he must travel in a straight line. GeoWizard carefully and meticulously maps out his route on Google Maps, checking to make sure it can be done before attempting to begin the journey.

With all the necessary supplies, such as a GPS, boots, jacket, kayak, and more, GeoWizard then sets off on his journey, trying to stay as close to the line he set as possible. GeoWizard has engaged in these straight-line missions in Wales, Scotland, and Norway, encountering obstacles such as bad weather, health problems, dried-up lake beds, and walking too close to someone’s home.

But for as long as he can, GeoWizard will walk, swim, kayak, and stomp through the mud to achieve his goal, all while narrating his actions to the viewers. These straight-line missions often take several videos and make great entertainment.

GeoWizard is becoming one of YouTube’s rising stars, about twenty thousand followers away from hitting one million. With his witty, sarcastic commentary in all of his videos and the unique, quality content he continues to produce, GeoWizard is sure to reach that milestone in no time.