September 20, 2021

Home Sprucing Tips

We’re always looking for ways to improve the things around us; ourselves, our homes, our job performance, but rarely are all the changes we wish to make feasible. Obviously, a lot of other factors play into our ability to make the desired adjustments to our lives that we want to make, but at least fifty percent of the time our lack of change comes from budgetary restrictions. These days, there’s not often a lot of extra money lying around that couldn’t be better spent elsewhere, so we deny ourselves the new hairstyle we want or the new furniture we’ve been eyeing at the local store.

However, there are a lot of ways to get around the lack of money we have available for intense expenditures, even when it comes to home repairs. There are a great deal of inexpensive ways to spruce up our homes without spending hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

Small Changes Add Up

Paint –Paint is a great way to change the face of room while spending less than a hundred dollars. Most rooms required two to three cans of paint, and many of the major brands cost less than thirty dollars a can. Get adventurous with your colors, paint an accent wall, or even spruce up the baseboards and the ceiling. You’d be surprised how differently a room can look with some fresh paint.

Flowers –Go to your local farmer’s market and pick up some fresh flowers. They won’t last forever, but nothing brightens a room quite like a pretty arrangement in a lovely vase. It’s certainly not a long-term sprucing solution, but it’s a great way to make the house look a bit more homey in a pinch.

Dishes –A new set of dishes can improve your mood and your general attitude about your home. It doesn’t have to be fine china to brighten your day, but it doesn’t have to mean the fancy paper plates either. A lot of dish sets can be purchased for under seventy-five dollars and they’ll be a cute new addition to your kitchen.

Knick-Knacks –If you shop properly, you can make a hundred dollars go a long way when you’re purchasing little tchotchkes for you house. If you head to your local discount store, like HomeGoods or TJ Maxx you can stock up on cute candles, great silk floral arrangements, figurines, or throw pillows for very little money.

Bathroom –You can usually purchase a new shower curtain and some rugs for your bathroom without spending a ton of money. Even the shower curtain alone can completely change the appearance of your bathroom. For less than a hundred dollars, a complete remodel of the looks of your bathroom is possible.

Rug –Pick up a new rug for your foyer or a runner for the hallway at very little expense from stores like Target and WalMart. You’d be surprised how different your home can look with the addition of a patterned throw rug or nice new doormat.

Bedding –A great new comforter can be purchased from sites like Wayfair or Overstock for under a hundred dollars and they’ll provide a brand new palette for your bedroom décor. Instead of running out to purchase new furniture or financing that new bed that you really can’t afford, make the room look fresh with a new bedding set and pamper yourself with some great new sheets.

It isn’t hard to make small changes, every so often. Before you know it, all of your small efforts will add up and you’ll be looking at your home through fresh eyes. Home changes don’t have to cost everything in your savings account to be beautiful. Save your money for bigger and better things and watch the changes add up.