September 20, 2021
One Gear Does it All in This Electric Vehicle

One Gear Does it All in This Electric Vehicle

When you take a look at what an EV model offers you find that there isn’t a typical transmission attached to the electric motor. In fact, many EV models can use multiple electric motors attached to the different wheels and axles of a car. Because of this, EV models can be built with fewer moving parts and offer a more impressive range of driving while using this single gear. Amazing as this sounds, it makes perfect sense when you’re ready to take a look at how the EV models are built and what they have to offer for the drive, including one gear.

Three Reasons Why One is All You Need


The cars that are built to be electric models can be geared for the top speed with only one gear which gives these vehicles the advantage of only needing one gear. With an internal combustion engine, you can’t reach the top speed or even a driving speed with the use of only one gear. In fact, if you tried to use the same gearing in a gasoline engine as in an electric powered car you would need much more gears in order to reach the same top speed as in an EV model.

The torque delivery is one of the most important aspects of the differences between an EV model and a gasoline engine. Because the torque can be delivered in full at a low RPM you can drive an EV car and know you have plenty of power right from the start. In a gasoline engine, you have to build to the maximum torque in order to create the power you want and have the speed that you’re looking for on the road. This makes an EV model much more efficient than a gasoline vehicle.

Is One Gear All that’s Used

When you’re thinking about the gearing for the EV models we use on the road only one gear is needed, but when you take a look at the Formula E models and the power they need, multiple gears can be helpful in order to get to the power and speed desired. These cars have been known to use as many as three gears in the transmission to handle the power delivery and provide the speed desired. Most of us won’t ever need to have more than one gear in our EV models that we drive on the busy streets around us. Take a look at the video below and learn more about the gearing of an EV model.