June 30, 2022
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Pros and Cons of Taking Your Car to College

As we move through the summer months, many college students have to make some pretty tough decisions, from picking the right classes to determining which clubs they’ll join. One of the most significant decisions college students have to make is whether or not they should bring their cars with them. Whether you’re heading to a large university like The University of Central Florida in Orlando or a smaller college like Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, here are some pros and cons to consider before fueling up your ride and heading to school:

The Pros of Having a Car With You in College

Many students wouldn’t dream of heading off to school without their cars. Here are some of the top reasons why:

Moving Is Easier

Instead of waiting for your parents to make room in their minivan, taking your car to college means you can load up and skip the hassle. Plus, the road trip to college could be a fun memory to start off the year.

Visit Home On Your Terms

Whether you’re going home for the holidays or for a free place to do laundry, it’s so much nicer to have the freedom to come and go when you want. Otherwise, you’ll constantly be hitching a ride or waiting for your folks to come to get you. Plus, once you’re home, you can skip out on small talk and go visit some of your hometown friends.

Freedom To Explore

Let’s say you’re settled in at your Bloomington, Indiana, dorm or apartment, but you feel like getting away to the city. Indianapolis is just up the road when you have your own wheels. Otherwise, you’re wasting time hopping on a bus.

Avoid Public Transportation

While public buses are a nice option to get around town, nothing beats having the ability to get in your own car. You’ll save tons of time, which means getting an extra five minutes of sleep. Plus, if you get a job or land an internship, you want to make a great impression by always being on time.

The Downsides To Bringing Your Car With You

Not every university lets students who live in dorms to bring their cars to college, so it may not be an option. Here are some other reasons you might just want to leave that machine at home:

Added Costs

Colleges typically require students to purchase a parking pass to park on campus or in the dorms. These fees can add up and don’t guarantee that you’ll even find a good parking spot. You also have to consider the rising price of gas, your insurance premiums, and any payments you have to make on your car.

You’ll Become the Chauffeur

If you’re the only one of your friends to have a car, you’ll be designated the designated driver for life. It won’t just be for weekend outings or trips home; you’ll get requests from people who overslept or missed the bus.

There Are Alternatives

The reality is that you don’t need a car to succeed in college. Most universities offer some kind of alternative transportation mode for students, like a campus bus. You might also enjoy breaking out your bike, throwing on some roller blades, or just walking around like everyone else.


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