September 20, 2021
Ranking All 11 Songs on the "Sour" Album by Olivia Rodrigo

Ranking All 11 Songs on the “Sour” Album by Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo has been booking lead roles on Disney shows such as Bizaardvark and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series for years. 

The eighteen-year-old recently rocketed to fame when she released her song “driver’s license,” which quickly became a global sensation. Following “driver’s license,” Olivia Rodrigo released an entire album called “Sour,” with many of the songs revolving around her breakup with fellow Disney star Joshua Bassett. Including “driver’s license,” there are eleven songs on the blockbuster album, all of which have been ranked below.

#11.) brutal

The first song on “Sour” unfortunately gets the last spot in this ranking. “brutal” begins with somewhat chilling violin music, then quickly transitions into punk-rock music, and then goes back to the gloomy violin. It’s a little confusing, and discombobulated, and although it’s a little like “good 4 u,” it has a much lower place on this ranking list.

#10.) hope ur ok

The last song on “Sour” is one of the few that doesn’t center on Rodrigo’s painful and very public breakup with Joshua Bassett. Instead, it sees Olivia Rodrigo sing thoughtfully about people she used to know. She reflects on their struggles in life and how she hopes they have been able to overcome them. It’s a very sweet song, and a nice change of pace from the breakup pain, but isn’t as catchy as the rest of the album.

#9.) favorite crime

“favorite crime” is one of the more forgettable songs on “Sour,” lost in between a lot of the more powerful, and emotional songs. The messages woven into the lyrics are slightly different than many of the other tracks, talking about how Rodrigo liked certain aspects of the relationship. Although it is a nice, moving song, it is ranked pretty low on the list.

#8.) happier

Bringing out the selfish side we all have, “happier” showcases how Rodrigo is letting go enough to face that her ex will find a new girlfriend, but that she still hopes he won’t love her as much as he loved Rodrigo. “happier” is bittersweet, incorporating both the pain Rodrigo felt from the breakup and the hope she has for the future.

#7.) jealousy, jealousy

This is another one of the songs on “Sour” that doesn’t focus on Olivia Rodrigo’s love life. Instead, it sees her struggle with insecurities about her appearance and everything she sees online, as well as how she can’t help but compare herself to those around her. She voices aloud the concerns so many teenage girls have when growing up, and the haunting tone mixed with the slow, steady beat puts this song in the middle of the pack.

#6.) enough for you

“enough for you” is one of the most heartbreaking songs on the album. Rodrigo tells the story of how she constantly wanted to be enough for a boy, even changing herself to try to make him like her more, only to watch him go off with another girl. The sadness and pain in her belief that she wasn’t enough for him are evident, and this song may bring on the tears.

#5.) deja vu

Coming in at number five, “deja vu” focuses on the current actions of Rodrigo’s ex with his new girlfriend, and how what he does with her is the same as what he did with Olivia. She gives examples of strawberry ice cream dates, watching Glee, and listening to Billy Joel as special moments they shared, then wonders if he gets “deja vu” when he does all the same things with his new girlfriend. “deja vu” has the perfect amount of shade, and shows off Rodrigo’s higher range.

#4.) good 4 u

In the style of Avril Lavigne, “good 4 u” is a pop-rock track on “Sour,” and sees a drastic change in tone from the melancholy, wistful songs that make up most of the album, to a head-banging fury. In “good 4 u,” Rodrigo slams her ex-boyfriend for being able to move on so quickly, while their breakup left her stunned. This brutally honest track is the perfect choice for anyone who’s been through a particularly painful breakup.

#3.) driver’s license

Olivia Rodrigo’s breakout song can’t be left out of the top three of her breakout album. The number three song on the album is emotional, full of anguish and thoughts about a past relationship, and also powerful. “driver’s license” is what put Rodrigo on the map of the singing world, and it is sure to always remain one of her best and most popular songs.

#2.) 1 step forward, 3 steps back

“1 step forward, 3 steps back” is one of the first songs on “Sour,” and holds one of the top spots on this ranking list, too. The song tells of frustrations that come from making good progress in a relationship, only to take a few steps backward right after that, as well as concerns over a boyfriend whose mood can never be predicted. “1 step forward, 3 steps back,” is a slower song, but its beauty and the emotion that shines through puts it near the top of this list.

#1.) traitor

The number one spot on this list is taken by “traitor,” which is an emotional, slow song that still packs a painful punch. Olivia Rodrigo talks about how even when she was dating her boyfriend, he seemed more interested in another girl, and lyrics such as “Guess you didn’t cheat, but you’re still a traitor,” and “And I know that you’ll never feel sorry for the way I hurt” puts “traitor” at the very top. The song’s melody and harmonies are absolutely beautiful, and if there’s one song to listen to on “Sour,” it’s “traitor”.

If you haven’t yet heard “Sour,” go give it a listen!