July 24, 2021
Stay Alert in the Afternoon Without Caffeine

Stay Alert in the Afternoon Without Caffeine

Staying alert and focused all day long can be difficult. Sometimes you feel like you need a cup of coffee or a piece of candy to keep going.

These things aren’t good for you and can lead to dependence over time. Rather thanusing a stimulant that will soon wear off, find some easy ways to beat the afternoon lull without them.

Use the Stairs, But Jog on Them

We all know that a bit of exercise can be helpful inmaking us feel refreshed and energized. Getting endorphins moving around in your body helps a lot. If you have stairs that you can use, don’t just walk up and down them, jog. This added effort and exertion will help wake up your body and mind to make it easier for you to finish your day strong and vibrant.

Cut Carbs During Early Meals

While it won’t help for today, and if you’re reading this to try and beat that slump right now, go and find those stairs, but you should cut down on the carbs you eat at breakfast and lunch. While a pastry is quick and easy and a sandwich makes sense to most, the carbs in these items can make you feel sluggish after lunch. You want to stay alert and the best way to do that is to cut the carbs.

Stimulate Your Senses With Your Environment

Your focus and alertness levels can be quickly increased when you make sure you’re in a well-lit area during your workday. If you still find yourself feeling a bit sluggish, try chewing on some ice or gum to stimulate your senses. Another way to give yourself a sensory boost is to listen to music while you work.

Have a Conversation Break

Have you been working all day, even through lunch, and haven’t taken a break at all? It’s time to give yourself a short break before the afternoon lull takes over and you lose your alert feeling. One way to stay focused is to get away for a few minutes. Go talk to a colleague and discuss something not related to work. This short break for your brain will help boost your focus and give you the push you need for the rest of the day.

Drink More Water

Water is essential to life on this planet and many of us forget to drink enough water throughout the day. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, there are many great ways to add flavor and still get the hydrating power that water brings. Fill a glass, grab a bottle, and drink some water while taking a few minutes away from your computer screen.

Get Plenty of Rest Every Night

While another suggestion that isn’t going to help you if you’re currently reading this to get over your midday slump right now, you do need to get a good night’s sleep every night. This means going to bed at a reasonable time, turning your phone, computer, and TV off about an hour before bed, and then giving yourself the right environment for a restful sleep at night.

Get Up and Move Around

If you can’t go up and down the stairs, because there aren’t any, and you can’t leave your desk area to go around the building, just getting up and moving around can help. It’s important to give yourbrain and your focus a break from tasks to stay alert to what needs to get done. Stand up, move around your desk, jog around your desk, and dance. Get that blood flowing and feel better for the rest of the day.

Take a Walk –But Schedule It

Sometimes you need a longer break to have the alert level you need the rest of the day. Schedule a walk for yourself and head out into the fresh air to get recharged. Walk for about thirty minutes and you’re going to feel much better about moving on with therest of your day. This gives you a chance to think and relax as you move your body.

How Will You Stay Alert Without Stimulants?

Rather than filling your body with sugar and caffeine in the afternoon, you can beat the feeling of sluggishness by doing some of these simple things every day. The way you feel throughout the day begins with what you do at home and continues with some good habits that will give you the recharge and refresh you need.