September 20, 2021
Create a Productivity Plan and Make the Most of the New Year

Create a Productivity Plan and Make the Most of the New Year

Have you ever thought to build a productivity plan and make better use of your time and create a happier and more fulfilling lifestyle?

So many of our resolutions have to do with becoming healthier, exercising more, eating better, or saving money. This could be the resolution that unlocks the roadblocks in your professional path and opens up more time for you to spend time in the gym, eating better, and enjoying your life more than ever before.

Productivity Versus Non-Productivity

Becoming a more productive person is something you have to commit to; it’s not just going to come to you naturally or through osmosis. Someone who is productive has worked hard to become that way and have done the necessary things tostay efficient with their time. With this in mind, here are six ways you can make better use of the time you have during this New Year.

Time Management is Essential

Too often we think of managing our time as filling each minute with something that needs to be done so that we account for all of our time, but that’s not the best solution. Good time management can be the secret to your productivity plan by limiting the way you do certain things that are meant to simplify your life and make it easier for you to feel you’ve accomplished your goals.

Some great tips for time management can be:

• Time blocking –setting up time blocks for specified activities

• Creating a calendar ahead of time for your day, week, and month

• Answer emails only once a day –avoids the typical interruption of emails coming in

• Use social media only at night and for a limited amount of time –this is a huge time waster

Employ some of these tips and let them work to help you manage your time better.

Create a Productivity Planner

Instead of buying a planner that begins in January, create a customizable planner that can start at any time of the year. Start your plan and write down what needs to get done. You may need to work on different formats, look up planners online that can help you organize your thoughts and your schedule, and find the plan that works best for you. This will help you become more productive and offer you a plan for going forward.

Eat the Frog

Eating the frog is a metaphor for a daunting task that comes up on your to-do list. There are many days that seem to be the same but when you have a task that may take longer, is more difficult, or needs much more attention, you need to start with that task. Go ahead and eat that frog and get the biggesttasks out of the way right away. This will give you a feeling of accomplishment and allow you to continue your day with the peace of mind you need.

Track Your Online Time

If you work online it’s important to make sure you stay on track. It’s very easy to slip into the realm of social media, begin playing a game, or start looking up items you want to shop for when you’re online and these things are only a click away. Keep track of your time online and improve your productivity by avoiding some of these pitfalls. If you need help, turn to some apps that will trackyour time and tell you where you spend it while online.

Turn Off Social Media for Improved Productivity

When you realize you’re wasting time on social media or on various pages online that don’t make it easy for you to stay productive, you need to turn them off. Your smartphone can be a serious distraction with these things as well. Turn off the notifications for your social media apps, silence your phone during working time, and help you be more productive during your day. There are also some plugins you can subscribe to and allow the feeds from your social media to be blocked from your view during your working hours.

Block Out Time for Yourself

You’ve improved your productivity, but you’re not enjoying your life, why is that? It’s because you forgot the most important aspect of improving your life; you. Make time for yourself, find ways to do the things you enjoy the most, and carve out the time to ensure you have the satisfaction you need. You need the downtime, you need the distraction, and you need to ensure some part of every day is just for you.