September 19, 2021
The Top Five Air BNB Locations in the US

The Top Five Air BNB Locations in the U.S.

If you’ve traveled in recent months, then chances are that you’ve heard a friend toss around the words AirBNBin casual conversation. If you’re an antiquated traveler who is still using a travel agent or sites like Expedia or Travelocity, then you’ve probably been really annoyed by a bunch of your friends talking about the killer deals they got on AirBNB during their most recent vacation to the Dominican Republic or Lake Tahoe. You’re also probably wondering if it’s worth the word of mouth that it’s getting. Well, guess what? It really is.

The Allure of AirBNB For years, travel has been an impossibility for most people in the United States, because hotel stays tend to be outrageously expensive. When you add in airfare, and more than two people, domestic travel becomes less and less feasible. Even sites like VRBO, or vacation rentals by owners, have started to hike their rates in accordance with increasing demand and the site itself has begun taking a ridiculous fee. Their fees have forced owners to jack up their rental rates in order to actually satisfy their needs.

However, AirBNB is a dramatically different type of site as the people behind the site and the app have tried to make the experience of booking a vacation as seamless and simple as possible. You simply enter your dates, apply some filters, and at the click of a button, you’re shown available homes in the area of your desire. Want to go to Hawaii for $130 a night? You can do that. Want to listen to Blues music in a Speakeasy in Brooklyn? You can do that too as AirBNB is also venturing into the experience business.

However, what makes AirBNB the best possible way to book a vacay, is the amount of diversity in their properties. A treehouse? An ocean hut? A log cabin in the deep dark woods? Any of these properties would be a possibility with AirBNB, but here are some of the best!

Arctic Roots Farm -Onig’s Cabin –For $176 a night, a family can experience two bedrooms and one bathroom in an actual log cabin in the heart of Fairbanks, Alaska. Want to catch amazing views of the Northern Lights or just watch some of Alaska’s incredible wildlife, then this one is the place for you. However, you better book it quick as this place has an occupancy rate of almost 70% and with a bunch of five-star reviews, people are going to catch on.

Historic John Steinbeck’s Writing Studio –Calling all the “Of Mice and Men” fans! If you’re looking for a cozy vacation spot in Pacific Grove, California, this is the place for you. As a staple in several popular columns, this house is certainly going to become an AirBNB hot spot as time goes on. For $205 a night, this place is a romantic little steal!

Secluded Intown Treehouse –This three-room tree house tops AirBNB’s most wished for list, to the extent that they have to release availability dates in chunks. If you’re looking for a romantic little escape consisting of $100 linens and twinkle lights, this is absolutely the place for you. For roughly $385 a night, you can get back to nature while still enjoying Atlanta. Lounge in the hammock or head out on the town, either is possible with this rental.

Treehouse at Kilauea Volcano –If an open-air shower and a luxurious treehouse in the midst of the rainforest sounds like your version of heaven, then this one is the place for you. Featuring a cedar hot tub up in the trees, a black sand beach in the vicinity, and incredible views, $289 a night is a steal.

Between Piety and Desire –This “Shotgun Style” house was erected in 1850 by a riverboat captain in New Orleans, Louisiana. Take a stroll down the walking path through Crescent Park or enjoy a brief drive into the French Quarter, but most of all just enjoy one of the most historic homes in the up and coming neighborhood of Bywater! Oh yeah, it’s only $89 a night!

If you think travel isn’t in your budget, you’re wrong and AirBNB is intent on proving that fact. Featuring affordable properties in nearly every city in the world, they’re opening doors for people who didn’t believe they could ever see the world.