September 20, 2021
Velar - What Does the Range Rover Velar Offer

Velar – What Does the Range Rover Velar Offer?

As the fourth member of the Range Rover family, the Velar model is one that finds itself situated between the Evoque and the Sports models to be a choice that could be just right. There are several different ways you can make this the SUV you want to drive, but you need to know what it offers in order to make the right choice. There’s plenty of tech and luxury for you to have a great ride in this amazing SUV.

Check out a few of the things you need to understand about the Range Rover Velar:

Seriously Attractive

The long lines and futuristic appearance are offset by the ride height and stance to make this one of the most attractive SUV models you’ll see in the market today. The Velar looks clean, elegant, sophisticated and ready to drive. This SUV is so attractive it was honored with the 2018 World Car Design of the Year Award.

No Door Handles

Actually, there are door handles, but they retract into the door to give you a smooth and finished look of the body that’s not interrupted at all. These handles are able to offer a more aerodynamic feeling to the vehicle to make sure you can have a great ride. These handles can be considered one of the signature design elements of the vehicle that you want to drive and enjoy.

Tech Inside

The interior of the Range Rover Velar shows up with a pair of ten-inch high-definition screens which make use of the InControl Touch Pro Duo infotainment system. Instead of a large number of buttons, these two screens handle the controls you’re going to need in this SUV. The power for all this control comes from an Intel quad-core processor and a high-speed solid state drive.

Extreme Luxury

Not only will you find a ton of tech in this impressive SUV, but you’re also going to enjoy a ton of luxury comforts that make this an SUV that you want to enjoy and drive. The seats of the Range Rover Velar adjust twenty different ways and make it possible for you to have the position you want while also offering you the benefits of heating, cooling, and massaging functions for the ride.

Three Engine Choices

Looking under the hood, you’re going to see three different engines to give you what you want in regards to power. The base engine is a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder unit that gives you 247 horsepower, there’s a diesel engine that offers 180 ponies, and the top engine is a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 that offers 380 horsepower for the drive you want to enjoy with some speed.

Smaller Than it Looks

In photos, the Range Rover Velar looks huge, but up close, it’s much smaller than you might think. This makes sense for you when you’re looking for a great vehicle that’s smaller and more capable than a larger model would be. This means you’ll have the agility you want and the quality you’re looking for without the size that causes you difficulty when driving.

Definitely a Range Rover

What makes a Range Rover everything you expect it to be? The fact that you can have a capable model that’s comfortable on and off the road makes the Velar an excellent choice and the Range Rover you can trust. Choose the Terrain Response 2 system and let this 4WD system allow you to have what you need when you choose to head out on the trails for a ride.

More Affordable Than You Think

The base version of the Range Rover Velar shows up at less than $51,000 which is a fairly affordable price when you think about the name and the typical price you would have to pay for a Range Rover. If you do choose to reach up to the top level with all the features, the price will be much more, but at least you know you have a reasonable starting point.

Velar is Currently the Most Popular Model

Right now, the Range Rover Velar is the second most popular model coming from Jaguar Land Rover. The only model from this family that outsells this model is the Jaguar F-Pace, which makes the Velar an SUV you know you can trust because so many others already do. Check out this impressive model at your nearest Land Rover dealership.