March 4, 2021
BMW i Vision Dynamics - Is Every Brand Taking Aim at Tesla

BMW i Vision Dynamics – Is Every Brand Taking Aim at Tesla?

When Tesla began offering us EV models on the market with the Model S it was the first of the EV models that offered the luxury driving qualities we want and the range that could actually rival a gasoline-powered vehicle. The attention and admiration this car gained when it was offered immediately began the development by other companies to figure out how they could provide EV models that would have similar characteristics. We haven’t seen any company successfully rival the Model S to date, but it appears that BMW may have the answer that will make the difference and allow us to enjoy the drive.

The most recent Frankfurt Motor Show gave us a look at the new BMW i Vision Dynamics that is the future of this sub-brand as a car that could eventually be offered alongside the i3 and i8 models. While the rumors had circled that there would be an i5 sedan offered at this show rather than this sedan that appears to be able to sit at the top of the market when it arrives on the scene as a vehicle that could become more popular than the Model S as soon as it heads to production.

More Details on the BMW

This new concept car from BMW is a four-door Gran Coupe that is expected to reach sixty mph in only four seconds and have a top speed of 120 mph. While these speeds are certainly impressive and ready for the drive we want on the road, the range of this car is the most admirable and impressive aspect of the car. The range is expected to be somewhere around 373 miles on a single charge. What this sounds like is a car that could easily take on some of the models from Tesla that are offered for us to drive.


On the outside, this new model is one that offers you the aggressive style and a fascia that carries some of the signature BMW details including a front that’s shaped with what would be a kidney grill if you needed a grill for this model. This car showed off in Frankfurt as a sleek and attractive car that has flush door handles, a body that shows you the look you want and the BMW dynamics you’ll love to enjoy when it makes its way to the dealership near you.


There’s no denying the direct aim this concept has taken at the Tesla Model S, but it will carry and offer you the BMW qualities you want. Hopefully, this car will come to the market in at least most of what it showed up in Frankfurt wearing. With plans to bring in twelve pure EV models in the lineup by 2025, the i Vision Dynamics is only one way we will see how BMW plans to take the title of EV champion when these models are on the market for us to experience the drive we want. Even if this model and BMW don’t take away the title from Tesla, having an excellent lineup of EV models to choose with this brand will be an incredible improvement over what we currently have.